Introducing Re-Fashion – a sustainable start-up that’s transforming the way we buy clothes and donate to charity.

Introducing Re-Fashion – a sustainable start-up that’s transforming the way we buy clothes and donate to charity.

I’m delighted to introduce this guest blog from Re-Fashion, a company I recently discovered on Instagram. Re-Fashion is a new online women’s fashion store with a difference. They send postage paid bags to your home to collect unwanted, high quality, women’s clothes (the proceeds of that satisfying decluttering session!) and sell the pre-owned clothes to fund charitable causes. It’s their mission to raise money for good causes and reduce waste to landfill. They believe the future of fashion is circular; where we re-use and recycle, and it’s our responsibility, to take the first steps on that journey. Their ethos is so admirable and it’s very easy to donate clothes. Hope you enjoy reading more about them.

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What is Re-Fashion?

Re-Fashion is a new online women’s fashion store that provides a sustainable alternative to shopping on the high street. We inspire women to recycle the clothes they no longer wear. These clothes are then sold through our website with all the proceeds going to charity. It’s a virtuous circle that makes clothes affordable, keeps them out of landfill, and helps fund good causes.

So, it’s just like a charity shop?

buy preloved clothes

Yes, but it’s online, so you get all the benefits of a world-class e-commerce experience. No need to rummage through rails hunting for a gem, just filter by size, price or brand to zero in on the clothes that are perfect for you.

So, I get a new outfit and feel virtuous because I’ve just raised money for charity…

Yes, and the charity makes more money. Clothes sold on can earn up to three times more than the same item sold in a charity shop. Being an online business means we don’t have the overheads of the high street. So, your donation will work harder for the cause you care about.

Think I might have some stuff to donate…

declutter clothes

You definitely will. The average British woman holds on to £285 of clothes that they never wear. These are often quality brands in excellent condition that can be reused. Re-Fashion wants you to declutter your wardrobe and release this money for charitable initiatives.

refashion donate clothes

What charities do you support?

At the moment, we’ve teamed up with Breast Cancer Care, but as the business grows, we will partner with more charities, so you will be able to choose which cause your donation funds.I’m in, how do I donate? We’ve made giving easy. Just order a donation bag online and fill it with clothes you no longer wear. When you’re ready, take it to the Post Office and send it back for free. A Tidy Mind knows living with less feels good and doing your bit for the planet feels even better.


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