House Painting Tips from Local Painters in Parker CO

House Painting Tips from Local Painters in Parker CO

House painting tips

House Painting Tips: in this post, we take inspiration from a part of the world where residents take their home and particularly their home décor very seriously. Parker is an incorporated town that is located in Douglas County which is southeast of Denver, Colorado. The town is home to about 58,000 people and it is the second most populous town in Douglas County. About 75% of Parker’s residents own their homes.

Owning a home means that you need to obey building regulations in Parker as well as in Colorado as a whole. Additionally, you have to ensure that your home is adequately taken care of by tending to it. Residents tend to ensure that their homes are in good condition always.

These can include planting a garden, removing any debris and generally maintaining the building. A big part of maintaining your home is painting it and making it attractive and appealing. People who rent homes too or who are moving into a new apartment also benefit from doing these. You may read about Parker, CO in this article.

Whether you are moving into a new home or you have been living in your house, painting is an essential step. It helps to make your home livable as well as valuable.

In painting your home, you have two options. You can choose to do so by yourself or you may choose to engage the services of professional painters. You should however understand that there are many benefits of using a professional service over handling it yourself. These advantages include but not limited to:

  • Better quality of work will be done
  • It is much faster which makes it less tiring and less stressful for you.
  • You avoid potential accidents.

If you however still want to go ahead and paint by yourself, below are a few house painting tips to help you out:

Tips for Painting Your Home

Painting a home seems easy but when it comes to practicality, it is not as easy as it seems. Nevertheless, knowing a few tips can help to make the work easier and provide you with more satisfying results. These include things as simple as properly storing your paint and using the right tools. Doing these will ensure that you cover wall surfaces evenly and prevent any blemishes.

Buy High-Quality Paint

The first step to ensuring the quality of your paint job is to buy high-quality paints. While low-quality, builder-grade paints have their place, they are not durable enough to use for your home as they wear out easily. Higher quality paints contains solids that helps to make your painting last a long time.

Additionally, asides from buying high-quality paint, you should store it properly at room temperature. If you have an already opened or a half-empty can, make sure to seal it tightly else it can dry out. You can do this by placing a plastic wrap underneath the lid. You may also throw in golf balls so that they fill the air space.

Buy Good Quality Rollers and Brushes

When you use low-quality rollers for painting, they will leave lint and fuzz on your walls. If this happens, you are left with a rough and bumpy wall when the paint dries out. This can be difficult to correct. Additionally, cheap and low-quality brushes typically leave streaks and brush marks so it is best to pay more for these tools. You can read about house painting tools here

Clean Surfaces with a Tack Cloth

A tack cloth is a painting tool. It is inexpensive and it helps you to clean a surface before you apply paint. While this is not necessary, doing it helps to bring more perfect results. The tack cloth helps to remove dust and various debris from the surface.

If you cannot get a tack cloth, you can use a damp cloth. However, you should ensure it is not wet by squeezing it thoroughly. Note that a tack cloth is not meant for large surfaces like walls. It is suitable for doors, cabinets, trims, ceilings, etc.

Avoid Overlap Marks

When you are painting with a roller, you can end up having overlap marks if you do not do it right. This is when you paint over a previously painted part of the wall and this will be obvious when it dries.

To avoid this, you should always maintain a wet edge and working away from that edge. You can paint the full height then move slightly so that you overlay the last stroke with the next. This is before the paint dries off.

Note that glossy paints are more prone to this therefore they require strict attention to maintaining a wet edge. Matte paints are less prone but you should still try to avoid any overlap marks.

Make Use of A Cotton Drop Cloth

It is almost impossible to keep paint from dropping on the floor when you are painting. One of the best house painting tips is, as much as possible, avoid using plastic sheets to handle the dropping. Use a good cotton or canvas drop cloth.

This is because drops of paints stay wet when they fall on plastic. You can easily step on it and take it around with you all over the house. Drop cloths on the other hand absorb the paints making them dry out.

They also stay in place and will not move about like plastic sheets are wont to do. Additionally, they are not slippery and this makes it safer for using ladders.

You may use nitrile or latex gloves when painting. You should also wrap the rollers and brushes to preserve them when you are done painting. This is especially if you will be using them the next day. Looking for professional painters? You can check out Elk Horn Painting Parker CO for more information.


Maintaining your home often is an important step in keeping its value and making it appealing. Painting is one of the many activities that can help you achieve this. While you may do this yourself, it is best to engage professionals to do so. If you want to do it yourself, you can use the house painting tips above as a guide.

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