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Declutter and organise your home and life workshops.

Talks and workshops on decluttering & organising can not only inspire you to streamline your home or work space, but also create more joy and calm in life. Working one-to-one with a professional declutterer & organiser is not necessary (or financially viable) for everyone. But you can access a range of talks and workshops to share knowledge and provide inspiration. We can arrange a speaker from 30 minutes to a full day on topics such as ‘Declutter Your life’ ‘Organise Your House’ ‘Paperwork Management’ ‘Supercharge Productivity’ ‘Conscious Consumerism’ and lots more.


If you think an interactive, thought provoking and motivating talk, on how to declutter and organise your life, would add value to your group, please get in touch. Women’s Institute groups, groups of friends and corporate companies are examples of groups who have all enjoyed talks from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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If you would like to attend a talk workshops about decluttering & organising your home mind & life, there are various options.

Public Workshops

The popular ‘Declutter Your Life Workshop’ is a half day event in various handpicked venues. During this inspirational workshop, you will develop a personal action plan for creating a simpler home and calmer mind. You will learn practical steps to declutter your home and dial down stress. All you have to do is turn up – we provide the venue, materials, workbooks, food refreshments and think of everything else you need to enjoy the event. There are various other workshops & talks which take place in venues around the UK. See below for details.

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Corporate Workshops

We have created a full day workshop for your business. Modern life is full of distractions and it’s now essential that your staff actively create focus and manage their time effectively, both for their own contentment and to be their most productive selves at work. By learning to simplify life and focus on less, the result is better quality work. Working at optimum productivity means greater job satisfaction and a better work/life balance. If you want to offer your team a workshop day that will help improve their heath and well-being but also increase their efficiency and happiness during their working day, then get in touch. The workshop can take place at your office, at corporate off sites or at special events.

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