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Do you think you have a problem with hoarding in Leeds?

A Tidy Mind regularly help hoarders to tackle this type of problem long-term, leading to a cleaner, tidier home and a healthier mind.

Many people who have problems with hoarding have co-occurring mental disorders or have gone through a stressful life event, like a bereavement. It’s estimated to affect up to 6% of the population or more and often leads to substantial distress. Although it’s not known why research has shown hoarding disorder is more common in males than females.

In other words, a messy cluttered home is often a reflection of a messy cluttered mind. The acquiring of objects excessively can cause a rush that temporarily makes them feel better, but ultimately doesn’t help.

Our expert declutterer in Leeds can help you make a fresh start in 2020 and help our clients deal with a wide range of problems. Whether you think you have a hoarding disorder or simply want to become better organised, our friendly and professional team are keen to assist and will tailor our services to reflect your unique needs.

Our Professional Declutterer, Organiser and Life Coaches work in a number of different locations, including London and Leeds.

If you’re looking for help for hoarders in Leeds, simply get in touch with our team today.

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