Productivity & Time Management Coaching


Productivity & Time Management Coaching

Manage your time better with Productivity & Time Management Coaching

Focus on what matters

Virtual / In Person

We have organisers who are specifically trained to deliver productivity & time management coaching one to one or as a productivity workshop to your group or team.

Productivity & Time Management one to one Coaching and Sessions are for you if


you’re feeling overwhelmed on a regular basis & unsure how to manage the many demands on your time

there are a lack of systems or habits to manage your time or the systems you use don’t work properly

you feel stressed about losing information, meeting deadlines & remembering important things

you’d like to feel more organised, calm & in control

you want to take some time out & have an expert have a fresh look at how you’re managing your time

Prices for One to One Productivity Coaching

£65 per session (delivered in blocks of 6)

Please contact us if you would like to arrange group coaching or productivity coaching for your team and you will be quoted according to your requirements.

How does it work?

The content of the package and spacing of the sessions would be pre-agreed with you. If you have any specific questions or requests for information, please get in touch.

Kate Ibbotson Time Management & Productivity Coach 

How coaching helps clients with productivity challenges

show you how to prioritise what is most important so you’re always focusing on the right things 

simplify and streamline how to manage your day, week, month & year

review existing systems & create new ones which you actually enjoy using

ensure you can find all the information you need to run your work & life, as & when you need it

stop forgetting important things

feel like you have more time & head-space in your day

feel generally calmer and more in control of your time

have more time for the things that matter


If you are looking for a productivity or time management coach, then this coaching service can be delivered virtually no matter where your location.

What to do next?

Email to ask about our availability

Further reading & resources

We spoke to Adam Collins from Ignite SEO, a company offering SEO Services in UK, and he said:

“Effective time management allows you to plan your activities so that you finish your tasks with less effort and make the most of the time you have. Managing your time properly offers a lot of benefits and can make life a lot easier for you. For starters, it helps you achieve what you want and faster, it helps you get a lot of this done, yet in less time and last but not least, it helps you waste less time, and avoid more fiction and problems. Learning how to manage your time effectively can change your life for the better.”

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In Person Speaking | Virtual Talks & Workshops |  Productivity | Time Management

One of our organisers, Maria, specialises in delivering Productivity & Time Management workshops to teams, in and outside of a corporate setting. These workshops can be delivered either on Zoom or Maria can travel to you. They are perfect for staff wellbeing events, team away days, speaking at conferences or an informal talk for a small group. slotted into the working week.

The popular workshop “How To Do What Matters – Productively’ will help your staff:

  • Define what we mean by ‘productivity’
  • Explore the ‘time thieves’ that clutter up our headspace
  • Develop ways to simplify our lives to spend more time on the important things
  • Learn how to improve mindset & physical environment in order to be our most productive selves
  • Brainstorm causes and solutions for procrastination
  • Suggest effective tools for prioritisation
  • Set better boundaries

Get in touch with Maria to enquire about booking your productivity workshop.


Other Workshops

Talks and virtual workshops on decluttering, home organising, paperwork management, digital organising, productivity, ADHD friendly organising or time management. These things can not only inspire you to streamline your home or work space, but also create more joy and calm in life. Working one-to-one with a professional declutterer & organiser is not necessary for everyone. But you can access a range of talks and workshops to share knowledge and provide inspiration.

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