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Hello! I'm Maria

I'm the owner of A Tidy Mind - Cambridgeshire & am based near Huntingdon, St Neots, Ely, St Ives & Cambourne. I or my trust team member, Flora, work with clients across the Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire areas. We can travel to the Essex border too such as Linton & Saffron Walden as well as areas like Bury St Edmonds in West Suffolk. We are trained professional declutterers & house organisers & work with empathy & integrity with clients. As well as decluttering & organising services, we offer productivity coaching, house move help & money management coaching. Our biggest strength is being able to mix the practical side of the work with supporting & coaching you. The goal is that you create & maintain an environment that allows you to be the best version of yourself.

A Decluttering Service you can Trust: Insured, DBS checked & verified through a professional body (APDO).

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Professional Organiser - Decluttering Service, Productivity Coaching Service in Cambridgeshire

How Can We Help You?

Maria Baker Decluttering Service

Our home or workspaces can be a source of joy in our lives. But sometimes they can also be a source of overwhelm and stress. Your physical environment can affect how you feel, your productivity, your relationships and even your health. We understand how frustrating a disorganised or cluttered home can be. But everyone is different, and the role of a professional organiser is helping you find what realistically works for you.

A Tidy Mind Cambridgeshire clients use our decluttering and organising service for a variety of reasons. These include feeling ‘stuck’ and not knowing where to start or getting distracted, which can lead to procrastination. Or the problem can be overwhelm, a lack of confidence, physical health issues, not knowing how to donate unwanted items, challenges caused by neurodivergence, depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges.

*** We are ‘neuro-affirming’, anti-racist & LGBTQIA+ friendly. We empower people from neurodiverse & otherwise diverse communities to thrive ***

Read our ‘no-judgement’ policy

We all need help from time to time, and that’s where A Tidy Mind come in – to help you gain control of your space. It’s about helping you make decluttering decisions, donate unwanted items, get things in order, help learn new habits to maintain things and become more organised. The focus is on empowering you to live a calmer, more content life within their environment and ultimately be your own professional organiser.

No matter how full or chaotic you feel your home is, this service helps you with sensitivity, Maria holds specific training to work with those on the hoarding spectrum (we don’t use the word ‘hoarder’ as we think it’s disrespectful). If you don’t want to let go of a lot of belongings but are in need of organisation, space optimisation and storage solutions, we can help you too. 

The physical side of decluttering and clients can be done for you or alongside you. We work hard to donate unwanted items to charities. Most importantly, you will be taught tricks of the professional organising trade so that you become more confident to declutter your space and organise your house or home in future.

Perhaps you’re a little unsure because this is the first time you’ve considered using a decluttering service or professional organiser. That’s why you will be offered a free consultation to help you decide whether it’s the right service. If you’re near Cambridge, Huntingdon, St Neots or any of the surrounding areas across Cambridgeshire (we also cover parts of West Suffolk, Essex), do reach out and get in touch to arrange an informal chat. Or you can ring or text me on 07824339054

Maria Baker A Tidy Mind Cambridgeshire


1 > Get in touch 

Make contact by phone, text or email for a free chat to see if it’s the decluttering service you need and how we can help. We can also book a free consultation in person or by video call.

2 > The Consultation

A Tidy Mind Cambridgeshire offers free consultations, usually or via Zoom or WhatsApp but in person if appropriate. It’s an opportunity for you to show your home or workspace and we understand this is a courageous thing to do, so have the utmost respect for you and your confidentiality and understand that it can be hard to take that step. We are here solely to help and support you and approach any situation positively. 

3 > Book a session

We can discuss a plan to suit your decluttering service and organising needs after the consultation. For most clients, this involves choosing a package (see Packages & Pricing below) and booking some dates in the diary.

Services We Offer

Professional Organising Services

Decluttering, Simplifying & Organising

We can help you declutter and organise any area of your home, from a cellar to a loft (and every room in between plus even outside spaces). We are all on a journey of learning and change. Just because you may be struggling to achieve a tidy space right now, that doesn’t mean things can’t completely transform for you. For reasons of autonomy and empowerment, usually clients are in the room so they are part of the process. Decisions on what to declutter are always yours but we coach you to make the right decisions at the right time. A reasonable number of unwanted items can be taken for donation at the end of our sessions.

Let’s help you figure out the best way to optimise your space, organise your belongings, use labelling effectively, adopt daily habits to keep on top of things and stop things spiralling in future.

Clients constantly tell us that hiring a professional organiser is one of the best investments they have ever made in their home and in themselves.

Some of the areas A Tidy Mind can help with:

> Wardrobes (clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery, make up & dressing table)

> Kitchen, Pantries & Utility Rooms

> Cupboards, Cabinets, Shelving, Bookcases

> Garages, Basements, Lofts & Storage Units

> Greenhouses, Sheds, Conservatories, Outside Spaces & Shepherd’s Huts

> Children’s Rooms & Toys / Teen’s Rooms / Nurseries / Schools / Playgroups

> Home Office, Paperwork, Filing Cabinets & Systems

> Rearranging Furniture, Home Styling, Home Staging

> Packing for a House Move / Unpacking / Organising a New Home

> Bedrooms, Guest Rooms, Bathrooms, Living Areas, Snugs

Get in touch now to enquire or book a FREE consultation for the Cambridgeshire Decluttering & Organising Service

Help Moving House

You might need to declutter during the moving process or need help packing, unpacking or organising your new home. Downsizers often use my service as well as those moving into sheltered accommodation or emigrating. A Tidy Mind can help with the administration side of moving too as well as help you unpack into your new home  in an organised way, starting you off on the right foot. 

If you’re moving within or out of Cambridge, East Anglia, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Suffolk or Essex, Maria or Flora can work with you at various stages of your house move.

Get in touch now to enquire or book a FREE consultation for the Cambridgeshire House Moving, packing or unpacking Service

Help With Hoarding

Maria has had specific training to work with people living in very full homes and/or with hoarding issues so understand the complex nature of the work and the importance of an individualised approach and building a trusting relationship. She works patiently and with understanding, will not rush you and would never pressurise you.

Get in touch now to enquire or book a FREE consultation for the Cambridgeshire Hoarding Specialist Service

Working with clients going through a big life change

We all have to change and adapt throughout my life. We have navigated house moves, been through a divorce and experienced bereavement to name a few. Our clients are often facing life changes such as children leaving home, retirement, menopause or health or mobility changes. Our environments can have a stabilising or destabilising effect on us during these times. Let’s help you control a little piece of your world (your home) even when other things seem all over the place.


The below pricing is indicative of one home organiser. If your project needs to be completed in a very short period frame, you may need two home organisers, in which case, please get in touch with us for an estimate.


£234 – 6 hour BRONZE package   |   £444– 12 hour SILVER package   |   £840 – 24 hour GOLD package

More about what exactly is included in the packages

Get in touch now to enquire or book a FREE consultation Home Organising in Cambridge

Other costs to consider:

>  I will need to charge 45p per mile if you are more than 10 miles away from me, unless I can visit you when I am already in the area with another client

Occasionally, we may need more than one house organiser, for example, if you are on a tight timescale or need us to pack up or unpack a house (pricing variable).

> Storage, packing or organising solutions. In general, I will use what you already have but I can also help you source and purchase storage.


Other Services

One to One Productivity & Time Management Coaching

*can be delivered online no matter where your location

Do you feel there aren’t enough hours in the day? Do you feel overwhelmed at home or at work and think you could be using your time more effectively? If so, a block of standalone productivity coaching sessions could be just what you need.
I can deliver these sessions virtually or in person if you live in Cambridgeshire.

Number & Frequency of Sessions

Productivity Coaching is delivered, in the first instance, as a 6 hour block of 55 minute sessions, which take place weekly or fortnightly on a chosen day and time.

Some clients find it beneficial to continue for longer than 6 weeks and I also offer ‘checking in’ sessions, for example, on a monthly or quarterly basis to help keep you on track.

What Does Productivity Coaching Entail?

Productivity Coaching is the process of helping clients choose the right systems, prioritise, focus and manage their time efficiently. The aim at the end of coaching is to:

 – Help you set goals focused on their time management and productivity

 – Help you put together a ‘toolbox’ of tools to help you work in line with your chosen goals

 – Help you work out the actions you need to take in the right order

Pricing for Online Productivity Coaching

> £65 per session (delivered as a 6 session block either weekly or fortnightly)

(travel costs will apply for face to face sessions)

Get in touch now about the Productivity & Time Management Coaching Package


Corporate Workshops / Group Workshops on Productivity & Time Management 

*can be delivered on zoom or in person

Maria, specialises in delivering Productivity & Time Management workshops to teams, in a corporate setting but in more informal settings. These workshops can be delivered either on Zoom or Maria can travel to you. They are perfect for staff wellbeing events, team away days, conference slots or an informal talk for a any group.

The popular workshop “How To Do What Matters – Productively’ will help participants:

  • Define what we mean by ‘productivity’
  • Explore the ‘time thieves’ that clutter up our headspace
  • Develop ways to simplify our lives to spend more time on the important things
  • Learn how to improve mindset & physical environment in order to be our most productive selves
  • Brainstorm causes and solutions for procrastination
  • Suggest effective tools for prioritisation
  • Set better boundaries

Get in touch with Maria to enquire about booking your workshop and for an individual quote based on your requirements.


Money Management & Budgeting Coaching 

*can be delivered online no matter where your location

Are you burying your head in sand when it comes to your household finances? Do you feel out of control? Unsure exactly what’s going out and coming in each month? Are you concerned that you’re wasting money that you could instead save or spend on things that bring you joy?

As a separate service to face to face professional organising or productivity coaching, Maria offers a useful and empowering ‘financial tidying’ package that can deliver results in just 2 hours. With empathy, objectivity and logic, she helps you gather together the information you need to gain clarity on your income and outgoings. Together, you’ll draw up a simple itemised budget that you can keep and adapt yourself in future. Maria will help you look at ways to save money by decluttering and simplifying your finances, create habits and routines to avoid charges or fines and find bargains.

Pricing for Money Management & Budgeting Service

£111 for initial 30 minutes information gathering plus a 90 minute session

  £40 for additional 1 hour sessions

Get in touch now about the Budgeting & Money Management Service


For some quick tips, read this money management blog post

See more info on the Budgeting Advice & Money Management page

One-Off Home Organising Expert Advice Service

*can be delivered on zoom or in person

Due to her experience in professional organising, home staging, storage and layout design, Maria has an expert eye. She has recently started offering one off sessions where she visits your space, assesses your challenges and needs and gives immediate advice and action planning.
This is for you if you feel you can do your decluttering and organising on your own BUT you need some professional guidance specific to your home or workspace.


£60 for a 90 minute session

£90 for a 2 hour session

Follow up decluttering and organising sessions can be booked, although there is no obligation to do so

Get in touch now about the One-off Organising Expert Advice Service


About Us


Maria Baker Personal Organiser

Maria Baker – Professional Organiser & A Tidy Mind Cambridgeshire Owner

Personal Qualities

I am suited to decluttering because of my working and family life which has made me into the organised person that I am today. I have lots of life experience and have suffered hard times like everyone, but I take a positive out of this – I am extremely empathetic.

I know how emotional downsizing and moving on can be – after all, we are not always doing these things because of ‘positive life events’

I feel that all roads in my life lead to becoming a professional organiser. Every day I get to help people to declutter and organise their lives as well as connect with them on a human level.


I have always been good at decluttering as I moved many times in my 20’s, each time learning more about organising and finding it was something that I was naturally good at.

I emigrated from UK to Australia in 2009 with 3 children, living in temporary accommodation in between and shipping our life overseas so it meant downsized and being organised on a major scale.

I am also good at being organised and ‘juggling’ – having had many jobs whilst bringing up children and running a business with my ex husband.


Over my working life I have gone into a variety of industries, and spent many years in the weight loss industry – I worked for Weight Watchers in the UK when my children were small and when I lived in Australia I worked for Jenny Craig.

These roles were invaluable experiences in my life and I learnt the importance of being a good listener and an empathetic person. People are vulnerable when they first enter that room (and I know this only too well as I myself have had a varied journey with my weight in my life) and needed someone who could listen and understand.

I was also a volunteer for the NSPCC school services. This was a role that took me into primary schools to help children to learn how to stay safe and how to have a voice if they were being mistreated. At times it was upsetting, but it taught me the value of listening and
dealing with sensitive issues in a compassionate and mindful way.

For nearly 18 years I juggled various roles whilst bringing up my 3 children and helping to run a landscaping business with my husband, where I was ‘hands on’ (I maintained gardens and even mixed the cement as a labourer). I also did all the book work for 15 years for our business.

From there I then branched into Interior Design and after re training, started my own business – helping people with Home Styling to help make their house a home, and Home Staging. I did anything from small renovations to designing colour schemes for decorating and soft furnishings. Moving into professional organising felt like a natural progression from there.

I am a proud, verified APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers)
Maria Baker APDO

The Team


Flora A Tidy Mind Cambridgeshire

Flora – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind Cambridgeshire


About Flora

Whilst working as a volunteer at Emmaus (a charity working to end homelessness) and constantly tidying and organising the charity’s storage and sales rooms, I realised how much I loved it! So I decided I also had a passion for helping others who felt overwhelmed with clutter and disorganisation. There is a great sense of satisfaction in seeing the client’s sense of relief and pleasure when they can relax in their surroundings. Also, it’s a joy to witness them find things they thought they had lost – it’s like a celebration. I’m not sure who gets more from it; me or my clients!
I am particularly skilled at gets decluttering and organising projects done quickly if you’re on a tight timescale because I’m calm under pressure. I have extensive experience in house moves, packing and unpacking due to my history as a landlord but I can help you with any tidying project.


Claire- Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind Cambridgeshire


About Claire

I am highly motivated and methodical when it comes to organisation. I enjoy helping people with decluttering, and it’s very rewarding to see how it makes someone feel lifted and inspired. With many different life experiences behind me, I am an empathetic person and I have a special affinity for animals who are important members of our families.

With a strong experience of organising workshops and garages, I am keen to help people utilise their space efficiently.  I also very much enjoy organising paperwork, filing and organising photos which hold special memories to treasure.

In my spare time I enjoy gardening, riding my horse, going on adventures with my dog in the Peak District and working on home improvements.

Usually our professional organisers work ‘one to one’ with clients, forging a strong, confidential relationship. Occasionally, jobs may require more than one organiser & this can be discussed with Maria.

We take great pride in our organising work & individual connection with clients. We love nothing more than empowering, supporting & helping our clients to make their house into a home through tidying & organising. Why wait to take that first step? Get in touch now.


A Tidy Mind – Cambridgeshire Media Articles

Maria has written some articles for A Tidy Mind’s popular home organising blog as well as written for other partners and collaborators too. I include a selection below:

Guest Article for Allison Homes

Allison Homes shares expert decluttering advice to help tackle the big spring clean

Guest Articles for the A Tidy Mind Blog

Top tips for decluttering prior to a spring clean


How to prepare your home for sale




If your area is not listed below, please do contact me as I may still be able to accommodate you!

Bar Hill
Great Shelford
West Suffolk
Alconbury & Alconbury Weald
St Ives
St Neots (Great Paxton, Eaton Socon, Eynesbury, Little Paxton, and Eaton Ford)
North West Essex
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