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I'm an experienced professional organiser & declutter coach based in the West Midlands & North Cotswolds (I also work virtually). I would love to help you tidy your home as well as free you of some mental clutter. I provide sensitive support, compassion, empathy & motivation. I'm friendly so do get in touch for a chat or a free consultation. Contact [email protected], ring/text 07525 156733 or click below

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West Midlands Declutter & Organise Your Home Service

How Can I Help You?

*COVID-19 update* I am fully committed to adhering to government guidelines to work with you in person. Click here to read the list of precautions I take. I also offer virtual organising, decluttering, productivity coaching & PA services.

I can help you declutter and organise your home, increase your productivity, move house, sell your house and generally create order and harmony in your life. I became more aware of my surroundings and how they affect my wellbeing after having my son and developed a real love for and skill in, decluttering and organising. I’m a working mother and know how to create and maintain a home that “works” and is a sanctuary for you. I’m based in Henley-in-Arden but can travel throughout the West Midlands and sometimes further afield.

If you’re based in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire,
Herefordshire, Birmingham, Coventry, Leamington Spa,
Stratford or any surrounding areas, do get in touch as I’d love to hear from you.

About Me

Read more in my introductory blog post here

I’m an optimistic person who believes in finding happiness in the here and now. I love to work with people and am a great listener. My friends describe me as hardworking and compassionate. I will work with you as an individual in an empathetic and efficient way, at your pace and in-line with your goals. My aim is to inspire and motivate you to make decisions rather than make them for you. I am committed to donating, reusing and recycling and have a network or local charities and projects where I can take your unwanted items to extend their life.

My previous career was in the Probation Service for 15 years. During this time I worked with people at all stages of life and in all life circumstances. Training to be a Professional Organiser felt like a natural progression and combined all my life skills and passions. I hope to meet you soon

Services I Offer

Virtual Services – from £30 per hour

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your clutter or struggling with organisation I can help via telephone, FaceTime, WhatsApp video or Zoom at a time convenient to you. 

Virtual Decluttering

I don’t need to be with you in person to help you tackle those projects you have been putting off. Piles of paperwork, a room that has become a dumping ground. A cluttered kitchen etc. I’ll give you a clear, simple process for decluttering these areas and will talk you through it, including how to donate or dispose of items. Cluttered homes happen for a reason & I can emotionally support you to find out why.

Virtual Home Organisation

Organising your home is about creating simple, easy to maintain habits and systems. Everything in your home should have it’s place and with the correct routines. It’s not about living in a show home but it can be beautifully arranged. I can work with you to create customised routines which work for you & your family and help to; increase productivity, simplify your day & make you feel calm & in control.

Time Management & Productivity Coaching

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by busyness & pressure. Your time can be used more productively. I can help you audit & automate your time & create a plan for your day, week & month. Whether you need help creating systems & habits that work or help with planning your work or family schedule, get in touch if you need to get more done with less stress.

More About Time Management & Productivity Coaching

Virtual Assistant/PA

I provide a Virtual Assistant service to help ease some of your work & can help with admin, making/taking calls on your behalf, answering emails, conducting research, online shopping & much more.

More about the PA/VA Service

Face to Face Services

£210 – 6 hour BRONZE package   |   £384 – 12 hour SILVER package   |   £720  – 24 hour GOLD package

£5 per hour premium for evening / weekends may apply

More about what exactly is included in the packages



During decluttering sessions, I provide structure, keep track of what is going where & ask the right questions. This is about helping you identify what you use and love so that you can let go of the clutter which is holding you back & taking up your space. You might need to declutter your whole home or a certain space, such as your kitchen, paperwork or wardrobe, I work with you with a lot of empathy & most importantly, help you change your mindset so you can declutter on your own in the future. I make sure I give you simple decluttering tips and tricks which will suit your personality & your home.


Certain habits & routines work better for different people. So I treat you as an individual & help you organise your home on your terms. The aim is always to make your life easier & implement the best systems to organise your home or office. We’re not born organised or disorganised. Everyone can be taught the skills to me more organised. Feeling as though your home ticks along like clockwork is one of the best ways to feel calm & content.

Emotional support

I have extensive previous experience of supporting people with mental health challenges. From mild depression or anxiety to more complex conditions.  Decluttering your home can be an emotional process & I’m here to support you through it, whilst helping you let go of the mental clutter that might have built up over the years.

Productivity Coaching/PA service

Both these services can be delivered face to face or virtually. Please see more info above or on the dedicated Time Management coaching & PA pages.

Help moving house

Moving house can be a time of uncertainty but there are ways to reduce the stress. It’s can be the perfect time for a fresh start & it’s one of the best times to declutter. I can help you only take with you what you need, use or love. I also can help you pack and unpack & organise once in your new home too.

Help with hoarding

I have had specific training to work with people with hoarding issues. I understand that compulsive hoarding needs to be treated with empathy, understanding, human connection & patience. No matter how big you think the problem has become, there is always a way forward & I can help so do get in touch for a chat.


If your area is not listed below, please do contact me as I may still be able to accommodate you!

West Midlands
North Cotswalds
Leamington Spa

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I offer free face to face consultations, so why not book one by filling in the form below or by ringing 07525 156733? Hope to meet you soon!