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I'm based in Middlesbrough & cover Teesside & surrounding areas. If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed by your home, I am here to help. Promoting wellbeing is a passion of mine and I believe that having an organised environment can contribute to our sense of calm and order. Could you benefit from decluttering and categorising your belongings? Do you long to create an organised, relaxed home and need somebody to motivate and support you? At your pace, I help with decluttering and organising any area of your home. As an effective listener, I carefully consider your lifestyle and suggest ways to enable simpler, more manageable habits and routines that remain realistic and achievable. With my warm, empathetic and non-judgemental approach, I aim to support you both practically and emotionally to create and maintain an organised space and hopefully with that a ‘tidy mind’. Why not contact me for a free consultation? I would really like to hear from you.

I am fully DBS checked and hold professional indemnity and public liability insurance

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Home Organising & Decluttering Service in Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland, Stockton on Tees, Darlington, Sunderland, Durham & Newcastle (north side of North Yorkshire & York)

How Can We Help You?


1 > Get in touch

Contact me by phone, text, WhatsApp or email. I am always happy to have a friendly chat about whether this is the right service for you.

2 > The Consultation

I offer free consultations in person (depending on your location & availability) or by video call. It is an opportunity for you to show me your home or workspace and talk confidentially about any challenges that you are facing. I understand that it can be hard to take that step, but please be assured that I have the utmost respect for you and genuinely care about your wellbeing. I work flexibly with clients and put forward suggestions based on the scale of decluttering and organising needed. Some clients work with me weekly for many weeks or months. Whereas others book ad hoc sessions, and I help them plan what to do on their own in between.

3 > Book a session

We discuss a plan to suit your decluttering service and organising needs. For most clients, this involves choosing a package (see Packages & Pricing below) and booking some dates in the diary.

adele knott


Pay-as-you go price

£38 per hour


£222 – 6 hour BRONZE package   |   £420 – 12 hour SILVER package   |   £792  – 24 hour GOLD package

Mileage charges / £5 per hour premium for evenings or weekends may apply

More about what exactly is included in the packages




Services We Offer


*** We are wholeheartedly ‘neuro-affirming’, anti-racist & LGBTQIA+ friendly. We empower people from neurodiverse & otherwise diverse communities to thrive ***

Read our ‘no-judgement’ policy

Home Organiser, Hoarding, Decluttering & PA Services in Teesside & North East

Simplify & Declutter Your Home or Workspace

During decluttering sessions, we provide structure, keep track of what is going where and ask the right questions. This is about helping you identify what you use and love so that you can let go of the clutter which is holding you back and taking up your space. You might need to declutter your whole home, a certain area, such as your kitchen or wardrobe or a certain category such as paperwork or photographs. You will be treated with a lot of empathy and most importantly, help to change your mindset so you can declutter on your own in the future. You will be equipped with simple decluttering tips and tricks which will suit your personality and your home.

Organise Your Home / Workspace

Organising spaces has always been second nature to us and we believe an organised home is a more relaxing environment in which to live. It is not about creating perfection because that would not be realistic. However, utilising space effectively and a few new techniques could prove helpful when maintaining a tidy home / workspace. Being organised also means you can spend less time tidying up and more time on the things that matter to you.

Help With Hoarding

I have completed specific training (via Hoarding Disorders UK) to work with people with hoarding issues. We understand that compulsive hoarding needs to be treated with empathy, understanding, human connection and patience. No matter how big you think the problem has become, there is always a way forward so do get in touch for a chat.

Budgeting Advice / Money Management

I have experience in managing and budgeting for household finances and small business income and expenditure. If you would like me to help you to save money, get in touch!

PA / Virtual Assistant Services

We provide a Virtual Assistant service to help ease some of your work and can help with admin, making/taking calls on your behalf, answering emails, conducting research, online shopping and much more.

More about the PA/VA Service

Emotional Support

We have previous experience of supporting people with mental health challenges. From mild depression or anxiety to more complex conditions.  Decluttering your home can be an emotional process and we are here to support you through it.

Moving House

If you are moving home (or would like to), it is the ideal time to declutter. We can help you make decisions on what to take with you and help you pack, unpack and organise your belongings in your new home.


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About Us

adele knott

Adele Knott – A Tidy Mind Teesside Owner

Helping people gain a greater sense of well-being is what motivates me. As a teacher for over 15 years, I developed strong organisation skills and I saw first-hand the positive impact that structures and routines within the home can have on a family. My friends and colleagues always describe me as: loyal, dedicated, honest, supportive and caring. Due to my keen interest in mental health awareness, I have gained post-graduate certification for interpersonal and counselling skills. The combination of these skills led me to professional organising. Now, I find it rewarding to share this learning and strategies with others to help create a more relaxed home / work environment.

I recognise that life can pose challenges and that for some, self-care has taken a back seat to other priorities. Most importantly, I feel that people’s stories need to be heard and a gentle approach used in order to gradually tackle whatever comes next.

Living a simpler, clutter-free lifestyle is important element in my life. After I simplified my own home, I reaped the benefits such as creating more time and feeling calmer. I hope to be able to support you to achieve this too.

Adele says:

“I care about people and I am passionate about promoting good physical and mental health through supporting clients with any difficulties that they face. I agree that to identify the clutter, we must first determine the essentials.”


Joanne McFarlane

Joanne McFarlane – A Tidy Mind Consultant

Joanna has a background in teaching and has worked for most of her career with early years children and their families. She found one of the most rewarding aspects of this role to be listening to and supporting parents who often turned to her during challenging times in their lives. Regularly, Joanna would give additional time to those seeking advice and provide thoughtful, honest and non-judgemental support.

In both her work and home environments, Joanna has always been highly organised, and she is passionate about helping others to establish a calm and peaceful surrounding. Her excellent communication skills, loyalty, commitment and high levels of empathy have enabled her to transition effortlessly into a role as a professional organiser.

Joanna says:

“I believe that a home should be a space to relax and have a clear mind. I feel I have achieved this in my home, through being organised and clutter free. I am a people person and find connecting with people on a professional but equally personal level, a real strength of mine. I am really happy to have teamed up with Adele to further promote these values to others.”

A Tidy Mind Teesside


We are fully trained Professional Organisers

We have completed training via the A Tidy Mind programme and with external organisations such as Hoarding Disorders UK. We continue to access training and mentoring. This training and continuing development includes:

  • Practical techniques on all helping clients organise homes & all the rooms & categories of belongings.
  • Training on ways to work supportively with clients to help them make decluttering decisions, whilst ensuring the client is empowered & in control
  • Coaching techniques to teach clients methods to maintain a clutter-free & organised home
  • Specific strategies for working with clients who have conditions which present organisational challenges. These include mental health conditions, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), chronic disorganisation, memory issues & hoarding disorder.
  • Training & resources on how to use storage, containment & labelling to optimise spaces.
  • Tailored decluttering & organising (as well as packing & unpacking) approaches for clients who are moving home.
  • Specialist techniques for helping clients declutter and organise in challenging situations.
  • Training in protecting the data & confidentiality of our clients.
  • Ongoing mentoring and training so we can keep improving our service.

All A Tidy Mind Declutterers & Home Organisers follow a strict code of ethics and values when we work with clients, including working in an empathetic, compassionate, positive and empowering way. Celebrating the differences and strengths and promoting the independence of our clients is very important. We treat each client as a unique individual and teach them decluttering, organising and productivity methods which suit them and which can be maintained.

Adele Knott APDO

Professional Body Membership Badge

Verified member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers)

APDO is the UK’s only membership association for decluttering and organising professionals. APDO provides an additional code of ethics & standards & provides professional development & supports the growth of the industry.

We are fully DBS checked & renew this each year.

We hold professional indemnity & public liability insurance.

What is a Professional Organiser?

Within the past 15 years, it’s become increasingly common for personal organisers to work with clients in their homes or home office spaces. Perhaps you need help to create more space and a clutter-free home environment but that’s easier said than done. My decluttering service can help you to make decisions, provide motivation and support as well as thoughtfully donate any unwanted items.

Organising a home is a valuable skill because being more organised means saving time, money, and stress. I believe that when you organise your house, you are also taking care of yourself and it’s a key part of creating the environment that you deserve.

The Home Organising, Hoarding & Decluttering Service

I offer a unique & highly in-demand decluttering service. We live in a society where many people feel overwhelmed by their physical belongings. Additionally they feel overloaded by non tangible things such as their digital information or ‘to-do lists’. It can be daunting trying to juggle all the responsibilities of Home Life or Work Life (or both).

If you feel weighed down by overwhelm & generally cluttered or disorganised, I’d like to reach out to you & help because it doesn’t have to be like this.

I believe that the key to creating calm in all areas of your life is simplifying your stuff. Creating a clutter-free home or office. And becoming more organised. Organisation is something that you can learn and you can adopt new habits to maintain things.

A Declutterer & House Organiser can help you:

  • Create a calmer & more manageable home environment
  • Make decisions & let go of clutter that’s taking up unnecessary space
  • Pass on your ‘clutter’ to those who need it (ones trash is another’s treasure) – I support various charities
  • Organise your belongings to ensure everything has a place within your home
  • If you’re struggling with hoarding. We offer specialist hoarding services
  • Change or learn new habits to use your time effectively
  • Utilise your space to it’s utmost (optimising storage & the layout within rooms)
  • Understand & manage your budget & finances
  • Declutter before a house move, pack in a careful, organised way, or unpack thoughtfully & logically
  • Declutter & organise your home ahead of estate agent photographs, to make it appealing to buyers or renters
  • Be more productive by coaching you on your time management



If your area is not listed below, please do contact me as I may still be able to accommodate you!

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