Professional Organiser Mentoring


Professional Organiser Mentoring

Decluttering & Professional Organiser Course

Professional Organiser mentoring & coaching  could be for you if you want to become a professional declutterer & organiser. Or you want to explore whether it’s the industry for you. Or perhaps you already are a new organiser & would like some mentoring. I coach you on how to get started, setting up a business, setting up a website, decluttering & organising techniques, marketing, social media & more.

 | Delivered Virtually by Kate – A Tidy Mind Founder &  APDO Trainer

You may like to take up Professional Organiser mentoring & coaching if:

you feel daunted about where to start & what to prioritise when setting up your business

you’d like to know what to expect & an insight into what running the business may be like, day to day

you need advice on how to market & ultimately gain dream clients

you want to know about how to make social media work for you

you’d like to explore the different industry specialisms & income streams

you need to work on your confidence & mindset

How does it work?

Professional organiser course takes place in 1 hour sessions. You can have one decluttering course or as many as you need. .  They are completely flexible and bespoke to you. Prior to the session, you’ll be asked for the main questions & discussion points you want to include, so you get the utmost out of every minute of the session.

” Kate gave me so many tips & value. You don’t know what you don’t know! I have a clear plan & an action list & I’m finally moving forward with my business” Ms P


£50 per 1 hour session (prior email discussion is included in the fee)

If you’re interested in running your own version of A Tidy Mind, check out the franchise page.

Decluttering Course at Atidy Mind

Mentoring is delivered virtually by video call or phone. Fill in the contact form below to inquire arrange a session.

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