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Kate Ibbotson ADHD Coach

Kate Ibbotson – ADHD/AuDHD Coach & Psychotherapist

I am a Neurodivergent Therapeutic Coach /ADHD Coach / AuDHD Coach

I work with clients who self identify, or are diagnosed as, neuro-variant. Currently, I work with clients privately or via Access To Work.

ADHD Coaching can support you & equip you with tools to thrive with ADHD

For combined ADHD & Autism ( AutiHD / AuDHD ), coaching can help you balance sometimes clashing needs


*** My diary is currently full. I have space for new clients starting January 2025. Scroll further down the page to book an initial meeting ***

In the meantime, there is free or extra support out there in the amazing ND community. Check out my RESOURCES & SUPPORT page.

ADHD Support

ADHD or ADD (both, in my opinion, unhelpful terms, so I won’t even expand the acronyms!)) mean something different to each person affected – we are all unique. You may experience executive functioning challenges related to processing, planning, prioritisation, routine building and working memory. In addition, you may have as challenges with emotional regulation and confusion about identity.

It can affect us in our professional and personal lives, and as a result, if dismissed, misunderstood or unsupported, can impact self-esteem and cause difficulties in daily life and relationships. However, a skilled ADHD coach can help empower you to counterbalance the challenges and devise a toolkit of resources you can reach for when you need them.

AutiHD / AuDHD Support

For those who have combined ADHD and Autism, life can feel contradictory at times. For example, your brain may feel chaotic and creating order is soothing and regulating. Additionally, you might get distracted and struggle to stick to systems consistently. For instance, not only might you be impulsive and often over-commit, but you also might be prone to overwhelm and burnout, so you must protect against that. ‘AuDHD-ers’ out there – I want to let you know – you are not alone.

What is Neurodivergent coaching?

Coaching specific to ADHD, Autism and AuDHD is not a one size fits all process. In contrast, it’s about being jointly curious, working together, building trust, sharing different ideas, psychoeducation and skills support. Equally important is me empowering you to understand and accept yourself, adopt new habits, take action, and make meaningful changes.

Clients are often navigating identify issues and figuring out what you need.  At the same time, I learn from you and your experiences – it’s a co-creative space where we are equals. Overall, an important part of work for you may be the ability to develop the ability to ‘bounce back’ when things go wrong at the same time as becoming more aware of how things impact you. Perhaps most importantly is the goal of viewing yourself in a compassionate light when you make a mistake, reach your capacity or feel an emotion you weren’t permitted to feel in the past.

Other Types of Neurodivergence

I mainly work with clients with ADHD or combined ADHD and Autism but am aware of the spectrum of neurodiverse conditions. I have also worked with clients with Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Tourette’s and a brain injury.

Mental Health, ADHD, Autism & Neurodivergence

Neurodivergence often co-exists with trauma, and I believe that when working with neurodivergent clients, I am often working with trauma. I am not afraid of that. And I draw on the support of supervisors to help me work safely with clients. I know that you may have experienced relational trauma in the form of emotional neglect and lack of emotional attunement.

When we are not emotionally attuned to or ‘denied’ our feelings, we develop our own internal model of the world around us. This can result in ‘masking’, people pleasing, perfectionism and being vulnerable to abuse. It can also mean mental health challenges such as Dissociation, panic attacks, OCD, addiction, eating disorders, anger, body dysmorphic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. I regularly work with clients who are experiencing these challenges.

As well as offering coaching as ADHD Support, I am also a Psychotherapist in Transactional Analysis (UKCP and UKATA registered), specialising in working with ADHD and Autistic clients.  ADHD Therapists can help clients prepare or cope with an ADHD or Autism diagnosis. Psychotherapy is separate service to coaching, although more often, there is some overlap. However, psychotherapy is more focused on:

  • Guiding you through processing their past (trauma, anxiety, etc)
  • Helping you understand the way your experiences shaped your view of yourself and the world
  • Explore regulatory coping mechanisms and tools to help you manage communication and mental health challenges, as well as anxiety and stress

A Tidy Mind has a ‘sibling’ organisation also run by Kate – A Therapy Mind. As with neurodivergent coaching, there is also currently a waiting list for this service, but I encourage you to visit the psychotherapy website to find out more and book in for your first session.

Price For ADHD Coaching / AutiHD Coaching Services:

£75 per session (first session £37)

(I can work with you if you have Access To Work funding)

 We agree an estimated timescale together depending on your needs. The sessions are ‘pay as you go’. Depending on individual circumstances, the sessions’ exact content and spacing will be agreed upon with you.

Want to try a coaching session to see if it’s right for you?

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Here are my terms & conditions

About Me

I’m Kate Ibbotson. I first trained as a coach in 2003 and founded decluttering & organising company A Tidy Mind in 2015. We found many of our amazing clients struggling with clutter in their physical and mental space are neurodivergent. My A Tidy Mind professional organising team work with clients in their homes and workspaces UK-wide, whilst I now focus on coaching and psychotherapy. I have worked with hundreds of clients with ADHD (diagnosed or not – self diagnosis is enough).

Over time I have found that ‘traditional’ coaching can be, at best, ill-fitting and, at worst, shaming for neurodivergent clients who need a specific approach and connection. As an ADHD Coach, I use different coaching techniques for different clients and include therapeutic and psycho-analytic elements. ADHD can drive you forward rather than hold you back. However, it can be like a wild horse – captivating, exciting and powerful but to function within the social realm we’ve created, ADHD management requires compassion, regulation, harnessing, understanding, patience and anchoring.

kate ibbotson adhd coach

Training & Qualifications

I’m a trained Coach, a Psychotherapist in advanced clinical training (I specialise in Transactional Analysis, a great modality for ADHD therapists – visit A Therapy Mind for neurodivergence-friendly therapy), and a Professional Organizer.

I’m neurodivergent myself, so I really do understand the challenges and have my own invaluable tools. I don’t wish to create a ‘them/us’ divide, and my hope is that in future, we will move past the labels and acronyms. But my neurodivergence means that I get what it means to have a brain that differs from what is presented as a societal norm.  This feeds into my practice as an AutiHD / ADHD Coach, as I believe in the combined power of empathy and validation. You can learn practical and psychological strategies to facilitate self acceptance and positive change.

Based on my training and experience, I’ve found that neurodivergent adults can discount their strengths and need bespoke systems and structures in both work and home life. For example, ADHD can mean challenges in time management, organising information, diary planning and self-esteem.

So, ADHD management can include choosing suitable systems, building automation and practising the right habits to increase organisation and productivity. Self regulation can be more challenging, so it’s important to balance this with prioritising self compassion and developing an understanding of yourself and what you need.

AutiHD Coaching can help you take a step back and adapt tools and systems to ride waves of inconsistency without crashing. It can help you gain awareness of different parts of you in different situations and explore your identity.

Personalized ADHD Help, AuDHD Support & Therapy

Every neurodivergent person I have worked with has been creative, emotionally intelligent and extremely capable. My job is to help you be the best version of yourself while protecting your emotional and physical health.

Some of my clients have other forms of neurodivergence distinct from ADHD or Autism, which I welcome. I work with diverse adults from all backgrounds, genders, cultures and ethnicities. During our coaching sessions, we develop an individualised and creative paradigm of the techniques, support and systems you can use to survive and thrive.

ADHD Life Coaching can help you if you’re Neurodivergent and:

you feel overwhelmed & unsure where to turn next for help managing your life, time & information 

previous attempts to manage the demands in your life & your time haven’t worked

generally, it’s a struggle to maintain focus once you start a task

sometimes you become distracted or go down a ‘rabbit hole’

you find it difficult to prioritise where to focus your attention

the world feels like a complex place & you find things more challenging to manage than others

you find it hard to know where to start with tasks & procrastinate

you don’t always show yourself the compassion you need

How does an ADHD Coach work?

ADHD coaching is delivered virtually by video call (Zoom) in 55-minute sessions. These work well if they take place weekly or fortnightly for at least six weeks. Many clients work with me long-term.

Price For ADHD Coaching / AuDHD Coaching

£75 per session (first session £37)

What to do next?

Book a half price initial session for ADHD help, ADHD therapy or AuDHD support

I am booked up until January 2025 but I occasionally have a weekly or fortnightly slot that comes up unexpectedly. You can email me to be added to my cancellation waiting list.

If you are looking for an ADHD Coach, ADHD Life Coach, ADHD therapy, ADHD help or ADHD support, I can work with you virtually no matter where your location.


Examples of how ADHD Coaching can help:

 find out what’s draining your time 

introduce more automation into your life to free up time & energy

choose the right systems for you (diary, to-do list, cloud system etc.)

gain clarity on what you need to do to maintain your habits & systems

build your resilience & self compassion

improve your boundaries, communication & relationships

manage & plan for ADHD management challenges such as memory issues & time blinded-ness

use your natural creativity to increase your organisation & time management


Examples of how AutiHD Coaching can help:

 clarify how  your ASD & ADHD traits combine & their strengths & challenges

learn how to create structures and routines that leave room for spontaneity

increase protective factors to avoid both boredom and burnout

reduce people pleasing and embrace previously masked parts of yourself

increase your self compassion 

improve your relationships and communication

explore different, contradictory  parts of your identity

learn about different forms of emotional validation & ways to show attunement and vulnerability


Documentation for ADHD Coaching

Coaching Terms & Conditions

Coaching Privacy Policy


Further reading & resources for ADHD Help and AutiHD Support

Visit this page for a full list of RESOURCES & Support

ADHD Coach & AutiHD Psychotherapy

As well as an ADHD Coach, I am a Psychotherapist in advanced training in Transactional Analysis (UKATA & UKCP registered), specialising in working with neurodivergent clients. Therapy can help clients prepare or cope with an ADHDand / or Autism diagnosis. Although, therapy is a separate service to coaching, at the same time, there is some overlap. However, in general, psychotherapy is more focused on:

  • Guiding the client through processing their past (trauma, anxiety, etc)
  • Helping them understand the way their experiences shaped their view of themselves and the world
  • Explore coping mechanisms to help them manage mental health challenges whilst managing anxiety and stress in the moment


I believe that Transactional Analysis is a valuable modality of therapy for neurodivergent individuals

Productivity Support

A Tidy Mind also offer time management and productivity coaching

Description of the Productivity Coaching Service:

Time Management Coaching offers a safe, compassionate and confidential space to identify and understand time drains and challenging patterns of behaviour. Practical interventions are identified. The client is supported to put these in place and form habits to keep using them

I assess the situation, strengths, roadblocks, and priorities at the initial meeting. We explore helpful and unhelpful habits, patterns of behaviour and other obstacles. We identify goals.

I help the client identify or simplify time management systems, increase their self-awareness, build on their strengths, and choose tools to counterbalance their challenges. Over the course of sessions, we identify the practical and personal resources they need; consequently, I can help them consistently incorporate these into their lives.

After each session, the client will leave with practical, achievable actions that they can implement immediately.

Examples of tools are:

  • Setting long and short term goals
  • Breaking down goals
  • Task/to-do planners
  • Kanban boards
  • Utilising accountability/body doubling
  • Boundary setting techniques
  • Building a morning routine
  • Online calendars
  • Noticeboards
  • Colour coding
  • Labelling
  • Automated reminders
  • Voice activated software
  • Time blocking
  • Increasing self- compassion and self soothing
  • Command centre
  • Filing systems

I have written some blog posts below on productivity ADHD support, productivity and time management:

The 3 best note-taking apps for adults with ADHD

How to declutter your time

Stay efficient and productive in your home office

Stop being busy, start being productive

Home & Office Decluttering & Organising

Are you overwhelmed and need help to simplify and sort your space? And coaching around your habits to keep things tidy? Our amazing, close knit, team of professional organisers offer decluttering and organising services across the UK. We work with you in your home, office, storage unit etc. We also offer specialist hoarding services and moving home services. Find your nearest organiser and get in touch for a free consultation.

Talks & Workshops – ADHD Coaching / Organising

These may take place in social get togethers, team away days, staff well-being events, workshops for teams, and speaking at events or conferences.

Talks and virtual workshops can be regarding life simplification, time management, decluttering, space organising, digital organising,  decluttering, paperwork management, productivity, ADHD / Autism friendly time management.

An ADHD Coach or Professional Organiser can deliver our virtual workshops, usually via Zoom but by the same token, can be held in person.

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