The 3 Best Note-Taking Apps For Adults With ADHD

adults with ADHD

If you’re one of many adults with ADHD, chances are you have an area(s) at work or in your house that is littered with notes, scribbles, scrawlings, doodles, to-dos, and knick-knacks of various sorts. For most people, this is a junk drawer or nightstand, but for adults with ADHD, a large swath of surfaces can get junked up with, well, junk.

A note-taking application is central to a sound productivity system and should be the place where you store notes and those little scraps of info that blast past your brain throughout the day. Your productivity system, along with mental health therapies and ADHD medication, should be the cornerstones of your daily hustle.

Here are a few digital note-taking apps that will help you establish a working relationship with your productivity muscles. As ADHD is a mental disorder that cherishes chaos, these apps will help you file all those floating tasks and reminders.


Notion has been around for a few years now and is becoming the elephant in the room when it comes to note-taking applications. Available for Android, iOS, Desktop, Mac, and Web, Notion is a powerhouse of a productivity performer. Essentially, Notion allows you to create databases in various forms and structures.

In a grander sense, Notion–with its recent API integration–is great for building apps that span a variety of functions like task and project management, note-taking, file storage, formulas and calculations, multitudes of embedding functions, and so much more. Notion is so flexible that you can even build a website in their app.

Apple Notes

Becoming a powerhouse takes time, and, well, Apple certainly has taken its time with Apple Notes. Better late than never.

Apple Notes is quickly becoming the go-to app for Mac and iOS note-takers. Featuring image to text capabilities, tags, image to PDF functionality, embedding options, and an extensive feature set of formatting options, Apple Notes is certainly a fine note-taking app for those struggling with ADHD. The new hashtags feature makes it easier than ever to arrange and structure notes in the default database.

Apple Notes comes standard with all iPhones and Mac models.


Hints is the newest application on this list. Available for iOS, Mac, Android, Web, and eventually for Windows, Hints contains smart internal programming that auto-sorts your notes under pre-ordained tags.

One of the best features of Hints, other than its ability to import Apple Notes, is its text-to-note feature. By simply texting your special Hints number, your text becomes a note in the application. This is awesome because it reduces task-switching, which can become quite the nuisance when you’re working on more than one project or busy when something noteworthy comes up.

If you have an app that helps you and may help adults with ADHD, let us know in the comments section.

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