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Hi! I'm Craig & I've recently celebrated 5 rewarding years in business!

I'm the owner of A Tidy Mind London. My team & I work with clients across London. If you live outside of these areas we are happy to travel or work with you virtually from any location. My qualified & experienced team will ensure our service will help you deal with mental clutter as well as general decluttering & organising. We work in both homes & businesses (see our list of services below). Our goal is to help you achieve more calm & harmony in your environment & life.

A Service you can Trust: We are insured, DBS checked & Accredited through APDO.

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Professional Organiser London & Decluttering Service

How Can We Help You?

What is a Declutter & Organise Service?

We understand the profound impact your physical environment has on your mental well-being. Cluttered and disorganised spaces – be it your home or office – mirror a chaotic mind, leading to decreased productivity, procrastination, and heightened stress. Our expert decluttering and organisation service is designed to streamline your spaces, promoting a serene and stress-free lifestyle.

Whether you’re facing mountains of clutter or simply seeking to refine your organisational systems, our qualified and experienced team is equipped to optimise your environment. From comprehensive decluttering solutions to effective space optimisation and stylish home resets, we offer a broad spectrum of services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Exploring a professional organiser and decluttering service for the first time? If you’re located in or near London and overwhelmed by your home’s state, we could be your ideal partner. Under our guidance, you’ll not only achieve a tranquil home and mindset but also contribute positively by donating unwanted items to deserving causes.

Elevate your living and working environments with A Tidy Mind London and embrace a calmer, more productive life.

home organiser London

What Exactly Does A Professional Organiser Do?

How It Works

1 > Get in touch 

Contact us by email, Text or Phone call to book a free 30 minute virtual consultation. You can book one directly here. If you can’t find a slot that suits you on the calendar, email Craig, who may offer you a last minute FREE consultation.


2 > The Consultation

Book your FREE decluttering & organising initial consultation

We’re dedicated to understanding your needs right from the start. It is therefore important for us to speak with you and hear what you would like our help with.

During a video consultation, we’ll gauge the scope of your project and provide an estimated timeline, ensuring a tailored approach from the outset. 

 Book your FREE consultation today with A Tidy Mind London owner, Craig.

An automatic Zoom link will be sent for your consultation, but we’re flexible with platforms and can use Facetime or WhatsApp video if preferred.


3 > Book your organising session(s)

Following the consultation, we’ll work together to book your organising sessions. Our team is ready to help you tackle your clutter, ensuring a smooth and stress-free path to achieving your dream of a perfectly organised space.


*** A Tidy Mind London are wholeheartedly ‘neuro-affirming’, anti-racist & LGBTQIA+ friendly. We empower people from neurodiverse & otherwise diverse communities to thrive ***

Read our ‘no-judgement’ policy

Services We Offer

Face to Face Services

Declutter, Organise & Simplify

Transform Your Space with our Expert Decluttering and Organising Services in London.

Struggling to begin your decluttering journey? At A Tidy Mind, we understand the overwhelm that comes with trying to organise your home or specific areas like your paperwork or wardrobe. Our professional organising service is designed not just to declutter your space but to introduce harmony and efficiency into your life.

You can book a FREE consultation directly here

Residential Organising & Decluttering Services 

We specialise in transforming living spaces into areas of harmony and efficiency. Confronting clutter can be overwhelming, but with our expert decluttering and organising services, a serene and productive home is within reach. Our approach is personalised, ensuring that solutions fit your lifestyle perfectly.

What We Offer for Your Home:

  • Whole House Decluttering: From attics to basements, and everything in between.
  • Specialised Spaces: Tailored wardrobe organising, kitchens, garages, and lofts.
  • Paperwork and Digital Detox: Solutions for managing your paperwork and digital clutter.
  • Hassle-Free Item Removal: We now offer item removal services, taking care of donations, recycling, and responsible disposals for you.

Transform your home into a stress-free sanctuary. Book a Free Consultation to learn more about reclaiming your space and enhancing your quality of life.

You can book a FREE consultation directly here

Business Professional Organising Services

Elevate your workspace with A Tidy Mind’s specialised Business Organising Services. Tailored to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, we’re dedicated to streamlining your operations, making your investment in organisation both smart and tax-deductible as a VAT-registered entity.

Our Business Services Include:

  • Stockroom Organisation: Optimise your storage with efficient unpacking, sorting, and labelling.
  • Office Setup and Relocation: Manage office moves with ease, thanks to strategic space planning.
  • Productivity Workshops: Gain insights on how an organised & decluttered space can boost workplace efficiency.
  • Filing Systems & Digital Organisation: Innovative solutions for managing both physical and digital clutter.
  • VA Services for Small Business owners: Extra support when you need it the most

Whether it’s enhancing communal spaces or redefining your digital workspace, we provide solutions that reflect professionalism and efficiency. 

Need help organising your business? Book a free call

Hassle-Free Decluttered Item Van Removal

Now, alongside our expert organising and decluttering services, A Tidy Mind offers to take away the items you’re ready to part with. From donation to recycling and responsible disposal, we manage everything, simplifying your journey to a more organised, serene space. While certain items may be beyond our scope, we’ll guide you on where they can be properly processed. 

Enquire about the A Tidy Mind van removal service

Home Styling & Home Staging

Revitalise your space with our expert Styling and Home Staging services. 

Our passion for space transformation, specialising in decluttering and styling, promises to refresh your property for personal satisfaction or to enhance its market appeal. Utilising your existing furnishings, we create cost-efficient solutions by repositioning furniture, introducing vibrant colours, and implementing smart storage, all tailored to mirror your unique style.

Our process guarantees seamless execution with straightforward pricing, starting with a custom in-home assessment at £180 (Inc VAT), designed to understand your preferences and the potential of your space. Included is a comprehensive plan and item sourcing where needed. We offer transparent, flexible pricing to fit diverse budgets and project sizes, ensuring a smooth transformation through open communication and meticulous planning.

Embark on the journey to a space you’ll love—schedule your FREE assessment today

Help moving house

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful, we can help provide a seamless transition to your new home. Whether it’s decluttering, packing, or organising your space, our professional team is dedicated to making your move efficient and stress-free.

House Move Services We Offer:

  • Decluttering: Start fresh by moving only what you love. Reduce moving costs by eliminating clutter.
  • Packing and Unpacking: From careful packing to detailed unpacking and organising, we handle it all, ensuring your belongings are safe and your new home feels like yours immediately.
  • Furniture Placement and Styling: We optimise your space, suggesting the best layouts and styles to make your new house feel like home.

Customised Moving Solutions:

Our services are tailored to meet your needs, with estimates based on your home’s size and the services required. Typically operating in teams of 2+ organisers for 8-hour sessions, we ensure efficient and comprehensive coverage of all your moving needs.

Your Moving Partner in London and Beyond:

Whether you’re moving within London or to London, we’re here to assist at any stage of your move, guaranteeing a smoother transition and turn-key experience.

Book a free assessment to discuss how we can help with your house move

Need Help With Downsizing?

Transitioning from a family home to a smaller accommodation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We specialise in assisting seniors with the downsizing process, providing compassionate support and practical solutions every step of the way. Our services are designed to help you manage your possessions at your own pace, make informed decisions about what to keep, and prepare for a seamless move to your new home.

  • Senior Downsizing: We provide gentle guidance and support as you decide what to bring to your new home, helping to ease the emotional and physical strain of downsizing.
  • Packing and/or Unpacking: Our careful packing and detailed unpacking services ensure that your belongings are protected, and your new home feels welcoming and familiar right away.
  • Home Preparation for Sale: Let us assist in preparing your current home for sale, enhancing its appeal to potential buyers and helping you secure the best possible price.

Tailored Solutions to Fit Your Downsizing Needs

Our services are customised to fit your unique situation. We offer efficient and thorough support, regardless of the size of your home or the extent of services required.

Book a free call to find out how we can ease the burden of moving and downsizing.

Need Help With Life Admin?

Efficient Life Admin Services to Reclaim Your Balance

Struggling to balance work and personal tasks? You’re not alone. Many find that work commitments often push personal to-dos to the bottom of the list, leading to stress and overwhelm. We specialise in tackling those lingering life admin tasks, helping you reclaim your time and peace of mind.

Life Admin Organising Services We Offer:

  • Bill & Task Management: Quickly address overdue bills and pending personal tasks.
  • Organisational Support: Efficient paperwork filing and system setups for future ease.
  • Digital Organising: We help get your phone, computer and emails organised. 
  • Research & Problem Solving: From in-depth research to solving complex issues, we’re here to assist.
  • Accountability: Ensure timely completion of tasks with our accountability partnership.

Life Admin Service Flexibility:

Choose between in-person (minimum 3 hours) or virtual (minimum 1 hour) sessions for tailored support.

Embrace efficiency and peace of mind. Book a free chat to streamline and simplify your life

Working with pets

Craig founded an animal charity in the Seychelles when he was younger & has a lot of experience with pets. If you have pets, you can rest assured that they are loved & we will know how to engage with them. Perhaps you need help to organise pet things? Or learn habits to keep things tidy with pets around?


Our London Professional Organiser Prices

Basic Organising Package: £54 per hour (inc VAT)

Excludes decluttered item collection, with collections available at the full rate upon request as and when needed. Ideal for pure organising tasks, Maintenance sessions, & digital organisation.


All in Organising Package: £72 per hour (inc VAT)

Enjoy all our services with unlimited collections of decluttered items for charity or recycling with this all-inclusive rate.

The above pricing is indicative of one organiser. If your project needs to be completed in a shorter time frame you may need two or more organisers, in which case please contact us for an estimate.

Book a FREE consultation to assess your decluttering & organising needs


Working with Craig – Owner / Principal Organiser

Clients have the option to request working exclusively with A Tidy Mind London Owner, Craig. He is also able to project manage jobs with complex or multi faceted requirements.

Option 1
In Person Organising with Craig  – £90 per hour (inc VAT) – flat rate

Option 2
Tailored One-Off Virtual Service with Craig-  £180 (inc VAT)
Our structured three-step process ensures you receive personalised advice tailored to your unique needs:

  1. Pre-Session Preparation: Upon booking, you’ll receive a pre-session questionnaire via email to gather essential information about your project.
  2. Virtual Consultation: Engage in a virtual house tour and discussion with Craig, lasting up to 1 hour. During this call, Craig will evaluate your specific needs, priorities, and provide immediate, customised advice. Photos may be required in addition.
  3. Follow-Up Action Plan: After the consultation, Craig will compile and email you a detailed follow-up report/action plan within a few days, outlining steps and strategies for your organising project

Book your Tailored One-Off Virtual Service with Craig today to transform your space with expert advice

Other costs to consider:

> Congestion or parking charges where applicable

>  Junk hauler services if required for large items. We can organise free charity collections for you if you have not opted for our own collection service.

> Organising solutions which we may suggest to facilitate new systems

> Depending on the size and urgency of the project, we may need more than one organiser (pricing variable)

Payment Terms

To secure your booking, we require a 50% holding deposit. This deposit will be securely held and then applied as a credit towards your final session’s invoice. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of paying for each session on a pay-as-you-go basis directly with your organiser after the service is rendered.

Virtual/Online Services & Pricing

Virtual Decluttering & Organising Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed & not knowing where to start is tough, but you may not actually need a professional organiser with you in person to get started. This virtual declutter & organise coaching service can help you to put a plan in place so you can do it yourself. Or we can do it with you but virtually guiding you along the way. Whether it’s organising your computer files, emails, paperwork, setting up your home office, organising your wardrobe or kitchen cabinets, we can help you through the screen.

Cost: £50 per hour (Inc VAT)


Other Services

Need Help Renting Your Property?

Support for landlords with long or short term lets


Elevate your rental with our bespoke inspection Service, designed for landlords seeking professional support for both short lets and long lets. Our services blend project management with professional organising insights to ensure your property stands out and is in top shape for rentals:

  • Inventory Checks & Property Staging: Essential for appealing short-term lets.
  • Inspections with Detailed Reports: Identify repairs with our keen eye for detail followed by a comprehensive report on what needs to be done. At time agents may miss important things that need to be repaired to get the property fit for rental. We provide an unbiased report.
  • Improvement Recommendations: Strategies to enhance rental appeal and speed up renting.
  • Tradespeople & Cleaning Coordination: We can meet and coordinate with cleaners or tradespeople doing repairs.

Pricing For Property Rental Service:

Customised based on your project’s needs, starting with an initial property assessment and report for £180 (inc VAT).

Contact us to optimise your rental process and property management efficient.


Declutter Your Home Van Service


Quick & Affordable Van Collection Service For Your Decluttered Items (*service doesn’t include large furniture)

If you are not currently working with us but doing your own decluttering journey we can help with disposing of unwanted items, picking up new purchases from stores, or transporting items within London. Book a slot, and we’ll handle the rest at competitive rates.

Why A Tidy Mind?

  • Efficiency: Fast collection and disposal, directly from your doorstep.
  • Value: Competitive pricing with exceptional service.
  • Eco-conscious: We prioritise responsible disposal and donations.
  • Extra Perks: If you are currently using our decluttering service you may already have this included with your package

Van Collection Cost:

Prices start at £84 (inc VAT) with a maximum of £198 including VAT for a full van load.

Contact us for a free call about the Van Collection Service


About Us

The Team


Netta: Professional Organiser - A Tidy Mind London

NETTA: Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind London

Netta joined the team in early 2022 and works full time with clients across London. She is a creative & imaginative professional organiser, offering practical solutions and systems to help clients transform their homes. She was previously self employed for over 20 years, working in London.

Netta says:

”I have always been passionate about interiors & have worked in this field for many years. If my home is cluttered & disorganised, so is my mind.

I have always loved helping people declutter, organise & style their homes. I love rolling my sleeves up & getting stuck in. I also love flowers & am a qualified faux flower expert.

Being of Italian descent, food is a big part of my upbringing & my kitchen is the heart of my home.  Starting my day with meditation helps clear my mind ready for the day ahead.”


Jodie professional organiser london

JODIE – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind London

Jodie has worked in private homes for over 10 years as a nanny & PA. She’s adept at decluttering & organising wardrobes, and kitchens. She is a joyful presence & ray of sunshine for clients. She really enjoys helping people feel good about their homes & lives. She’s always happy to help organise school schedules, calendars & home offices too.

Jodie says:

“My career focus is to bring joy to people’s lives on a daily basis. And, what better place to start, than in your home! I’m a conscientious, organised & joyful professional organiser and PA with a strong history of house management & keeping things organised.”


Karen A Tidy Mind London

KAREN: Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind London

Karen is a diligent & knowledgeable organiser. She has over 20 years experience working in PA/Office Manager roles. Karen is an expert home mover too, having moved house many times & managing two international moves. She has also helped manage large & complex office moves for businesses she has worked for in her career.

Karen says:

“I am known to my family and friends as a little ‘pocket rocket’ who gets things done.  I am a born organiser who believes that ‘a tidy environment creates a tidy mind which makes for a simpler life’.  I enjoy gardening & have transformed many outdoor spaces creating space & beauty.”


Vlada A Tidy Mind London

VLADA – Professional Organiser & PA – A Tidy Mind London

Vlada is an experienced PA/VA who has worked in a number of industries managing day to day operations.

She loves organising & believes a tidy space is the key to a peaceful mind.

As well as organising, Vlada also helps with the day to day admin at A Tidy Mind London, & helps our clients with any VA help they need.

Vlada says:

“A home is a persons sanctuary & I love helping people create that feeling in their homes, offices and lives.”



Zsolti A Tidy Mind London

ZSOLTI – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind London

Zsolti is excited to be the latest addition to the Tidy Mind family. He is a natural organiser with more than a decade long experience in managerial, producing & customer service positions in the performing arts field. He loves systems & finds decluttering very satisfying. When working with Zsolti you can expect him to be professional, deeply empathetic & completely judgement-free.

Zsolti says:

“Streamlining spaces or processes is something that comes naturally to me & I love seeing how organising someone’s cupboards or making their workflow simpler can make them feel so much lighter. Tidying doesn’t just free up your space but also your mind!”

Craig – A Tidy Mind London Owner

Craig A Tidy Mind London

Craig Hoareau – Owner & Senior Organiser – A Tidy Mind London

I’m Craig, I’m the owner of A Tidy Mind London & love helping people transform their homes.

I have a calm & supportive approach to working with clients and allow you to deal with the mental clutter too while we sort through the physical ones. Organising is a true passion of mine & after first establishing your needs, I will look at your home with fresh eyes to come up with the right storage, routines and habits that suit your space. I speak 3 languages fluently (English, French & Creole, with conversational Spanish. So please get in touch for a free chat to see how I can help you.

I am a proud, verified member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers)Craig APDO

If you would like to work with me exclusively, I charge a flat rate of £90 per hour (Inc VAT). Please see the pricing section or email me for more details

Craig’s Background

Raised in the idyllic Republic of Seychelles, my childhood was marked by simplicity and a profound connection with nature rather than material possessions. This environment, coupled with my mother’s wisdom that happiness doesn’t stem from what we own, taught me to cherish and be thankful for the essentials. Reflecting on those times, my longing for what others had has transformed into gratitude for a childhood focused on experiences over objects—a philosophy I carry into adulthood, favouring beach holidays over the latest gadgets.

My penchant for tidiness and organisation is a trait deeply ingrained in me, nurtured by my upbringing and the diverse cultural landscape of Seychelles. Living in a multicultural country exposed me to various lifestyles, reinforcing my belief in minimalism and the power of a decluttered space. Throughout life’s challenges, I’ve found solace and focus in organising and simplifying my surroundings, a practice that has significantly contributed to my well-being and resilience.

Before embracing professional organising full-time, my career journey spanned roles in e-commerce, customer service, and sectors like media, fashion, and pet friendly travel, where meticulous organisation was key. My passion extends to animal welfare, leading me to co-found the Seychelles Pet Haven Society with my mum. Committed to personal and professional growth, I’ve honed my skills through the A Tidy Mind programme and a life coaching certification, dedicated to guiding others towards a life of simplicity and focus.

Read more about me in my introductory blog post

I love nothing more than supporting & empowering my clients to find calm through tidying.

As a leading expert within the decluttering & organising industry, I regularly write & contribute to articles. I include a selection below:

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If your area is not listed below, please do contact me as I may still be able to accommodate you!

South London
East London
North London
West London
West Brompton
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Richmond Upon Thames

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