Introducing London Professional Organiser Craig – A Tidy Mind (London)!

I’m delighted to bring you this guest blog from our Professional Organiser owner. Craig and his team cover all of London.

He is one of the kindest, interesting and most talented people I have met in a long time. So glad you have you in the team, Craig! This blog post gives you some more information about our fantastic London Professional Organiser who has been running A Tidy Mind London for 5 years.

Kate Ibbotson (A Tidy Mind Founder)

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Hi, I’m Craig and I run the London branch of A Tidy Mind. It’s been amazing to train professionally to do something I’ve been doing naturally since I was a child. It simply confirmed that I found my perfect career. Helping clients create more calm in their homes and minds is what it’s all about for me. That’s my biggest motivation.

My story

I was born in London but I grew up in the Republic of Seychelles, a small island nation off the east coast of Africa. My mother who is originally from there, moved back from London, when I was 3 years old and I spent the majority of my life on ‘the island’ before I moved back to London 7 years ago.

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I would say I had quite a different upbringing to many people I meet here in London. I spent my time playing on the beach, climbing trees, fishing and surfing with my dogs (if you’re asking, yes, my dogs knew how to stand on a surfboard and ride a wave). I would not have had it any other way as it has contributed a lot toward my love and appreciation for animals, the environment, our ocean and the world we live in.

My values

Life was simple and minimal (but with an abundance of beauty and meaning). My mother raised me with the idea that possessions were not the source of happiness and that I should treasure and be grateful for what I do currently have. At the time, I’ll admit found that difficult! But reflecting back now, I am so pleased that I did not get what I wanted, because it was not what I needed! I now don’t ‘need’ many material possessions and I am very content with what I do own. Everything I own has a use and means something to me. As the finish proverb goes – ‘”happiness is a place between too little and too much.”

I have found my balance and hope through my work to help other people find it too.

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My identity

Another great thing about growing up in the Seychelles is that it is such a diverse and multicultural country. I was around all types of people from all walks of life. This puts me at ease when around different people and cultures and of course, I respect all different beliefs. There are 3 main languages spoken in Seychelles, Creole, French and English, all of which I am fluent in. Speaking these languages gave me the ability to pick up other languages quickly. Every time I meet someone from another part of the world, I always ask them to teach me something in their language. Because of this, I can now greet people and have basic conversation in 3 further languages.

My love for animals

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I have had a pet my whole life, from the moment I was born to adulthood. My mother is an animal rescuer in the Seychelles, something which I was involved with when I was living there and which I am passionate about. I founded an animal charity called ‘The Seychelles Pet Haven Society’ when I was 20 years old. Growing up with animals was so important to me and I feel it’s a great thing for everyone to have pets. They teach you compassion, trust, loyalty and are great for self esteem.

My life in London

When I moved to London I had no idea what I was going to do. I just knew I was ambitious and London had an abundance of opportunity! I came over with very little money and tried to find the first job I could get. I was quite shy and reserved but I knew I had to get out of my shell and go out and get what I wanted because nobody else was going to do it for me. With a bit of determination and slightly more confidence, I secured an amazing job within 2 months and there my journey started. I have had brilliant careers in the Fashion, Pet and Travel industries.

I have met so many interesting people on this journey, many good and some not so good (luckily the good people outweighed the bad). I have had relationships which were not so great, but I believe all the experiences we go through in life serve a greater purpose, and that is to teach or mould us into who we will become. Through these experiences I have made some amazing lifelong friends who I care for dearly.

My calling

Organise My House London

Being a London Professional Organiser is the perfect job for me. I feel I have now found my true calling, I know exactly what I want to do in life and that is to help people. I have always organised the homes of my friends and family – it just comes naturally to me. I also have a deep understanding of the importance of balance and self care in the modern world. I have an ability to pull myself out of bad situations and mindsets. I always stay positive and optimistic regardless of anything which has happened to me. And I want to help others do the same thing. My background plus the professional training I have undertaken in organising, decluttering and life coaching seem to have to come together and put me in a good place to help those who are struggling.

If you would like to chat about how I can help you declutter and organise your home or work-space (I also offer a PA service), I’d love to hear from you! Email [email protected] or call me on 07423 821 879.

Visit the London Professional Organiser page here.


Top Decluttering Tips from Craig

Little & Often

Make decluttering a regular activity. Spaces need to constantly change and adapt to our needs. So once you do a ‘main declutter’, plan to have regular ‘mini declutters’ throughout the year. You can reassess whether your belongings still fit into the ‘beautiful or useful’ category or still add value to your life in some way. If not, let them go.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Protect your home space and your headspace – I often say to clients ‘you can’t empty the bath whilst the taps are still running’. This simply means, be mindful of what is coming into your home. This might mean small things like: saying no to a hanger in a shop, exercising a ‘purchase pause’ before you buy something, not picking up hotel toiletry freebies or bringing your own shopping bags to the supermarket.

It’s Not Just Physical Things

Reduce digital clutter. This can be an overwhelming area but the first step is to build decluttering habits into every day life which will help stem the flow of unwanted digital information; For example:
1) Unsubscribe from unwanted emails immediately
2) Block marketing calls immediately
3) Delete unwanted images from phone straight away.

Don’t Forget The Final Touch

After you’ve tackled decluttering, the next step to transforming your home into an orderly space is to consider professional cleaning. Bringing in experts can make a significant difference, especially in areas that are tough to clean or have been neglected. Professional cleaning companies carry the tools, expertise, and attention to detail needed to bring the sparkle back to your home. A healthier environment for you and your loved ones. A win-win for everybody.

By Craig (London Professional Organiser)



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