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Welcome to A Tidy Mind Home Decluttering and Organising Service. Congratulations! – you have just taken your first step towards a more functional, relaxing and inspiring home or work-space.

We cover Yorkshire, West Midlands & London


–> You might be dealing with hoarding disorder.
–> You might have “hidden clutter” in the loft, cupboards or garage
–> You might lack organisational systems
–> Paperwork could be your enemy
–> You may need organisational coaching for your work
–> You could need to declutter some bad habits or negative thinking
–> You might benefit from life coaching around your productivity
–> You could even need a PA in your life.

Whoever you are, you have arrived at a place where you are understood. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you and things can improve. You deserve to feel calm and content in your home and you don’t have to live your life feeling mentally overwhelmed. Hope to meet you soon.

A Tidy Mind is a Decluttering & Organising Service, covering Yorkshire, West Midlands, North Cotswolds & South/ East London. Fully trained & accredited by the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO), you can be sure you are getting a service you can trust. This is about helping you declutter your home, life & mind. Many people start tidying their home only to stop because they feel overwhelmed. Treating you as an individual, you will be helped to declutter to a level with which you feel comfortable & bespoke home organisational systems will be created, that you can easily maintain long term.

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How it Works


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The cost is between £30 & £35 per hour (£40-£45 in London) This a very competitive cost is inclusive of several different extra services. The lowest rate is for clients who commit to a minimum of 6 sessions (20 hours plus) – see Packages for more info. Flexible payment plans are available so do get in touch if you need this option so we can find a way for you to access the service.

Visit the page in your specific area or contact us, by phone 07961 77 04 52 or [email protected] to discuss your general requirements. You are encouraged to receive a free assessment in person before you decide whether to go ahead. If you want to specify the exact amount of time you book (and therefore cost) it makes sense to choose one of the Packages: If considering a specific Projects such as declutter & organise a child’s room, kitchen or whole house, it can be more difficult to estimate a timescale (although we can give you an idea) so it is best to choose by Projects:

All kinds of people use a home decluttering & organisation service. Time poor professionals, busy parents, downsizers, business owners, people who have been unwell. Maybe you have been building up to start this process for years or perhaps your circumstances have recently changed.

It seems to be due to the mix of practical skills & emotional support (read more about the story of A Tidy Mind). The positive impact this will have on your well-being is immeasurable. It’s about more than simply removing clutter. It is about transforming your home into a beautiful, functional space which runs like clockwork. It’s also about transforming your outlook & mind for the better.

You are always present whilst the decluttering & organising is taking place. You always have the final say on anything that is removed or moved. Using a range of coaching & problem solving techniques, we help you create a clear image of where you want to be and guide you to discard what you do not need. Crucially, you will be assisted in the donating/disposal/recycling of these items (we can remove a carload on the day) Then your space will be expertly & beautifully organised. You will be provided with immediate storage & organisational tips, clever quick fixes plus a plan for long term maintenance.

Imagine glancing around your home and feeling calm, content & energised? Being far more productive? Being able to lay your hands on any of your possessions within a minute or two? How nice would it be to have more space because your possessions were stored smartly? What about living in a home that is quick & easy to clean? Ultimately, this can help you change your mindset, so that you can choose to surround yourself with only that which is valuable.


Declutter Your Wardrobe

Transform a messy, disordered space into a streamlined, organised & treasured wardrobe.

View Project

Declutter one room

Decluttering one room could take as little as three hours but make a huge impact.

View Project

Declutter your paperwork

A calm, functional, inspiring work-space is essential for productivity and is completely achievable.

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Choose a Package

Mini Makeover

This two hour session is for you if you can declutter & organise yourself but need expert structure, tips & a written follow up report.

Quick Results

One or two sessions (usually under 8 hours in total), focusing on one room or area. £35 per hour including removal and donation.

Real Results

Three to five sessions (usually under 20 hours in total) taking place over several weeks. Multiple rooms or an areas such as a garage of loft can be tackled in this time. £32 per hour.

Extensive Results

More than six sessions (usually over 20 hours) will make lasting change to several rooms or your entire home. The lowest rate of £30 per hour applies for this time commitment.


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