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I'm based in London (covering all of London & also Essex) and I would love to work with you and use my expertise to tidy and organise your home. Being a qualified coach as well as a professional organiser, I will help you deal with mental clutter too and generally create more harmony in your life. Get in touch via [email protected]

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I can help you declutter and organise your house, move house, sell your home and help you deal with mental clutter too. If you’re in London and feel overwhelmed in your home, look no further! Because I can help you find a way through. With my guidance and expertise, you will achieve a calmer home and head and anything you do let go of will be passed on to a worthy cause. Organising is a true passion of mine and after first establishing your needs, I will look at your home with fresh eyes to come up with the right storage, routines and habits that suit your space. I can travel anywhere in London so do get in touch for a chat.

About Me

Read more about me in my introductory blog post here

I grew up on the small Island of the Seychelles. I was never given an abundance of toys or devices as a child. I played outside (on the beach) and had very little material possessions. My mother raised me with the idea that possessions were not the source of happiness and that I should treasure and be grateful for what I do currently have. At the time, I wasn’t happy! But reflecting back now, I am so pleased that I did not get what I wanted, because it was not what I needed!

Being tidy and organised comes naturally to me, mostly due to my upbringing but also because I was surrounded my many different cultures and types of households, as the Seychelles is a very multi-cultural country.

Being a natural declutterer and organiser helped me tremendously to become self-aware, relaxed and content in my life. That’s not to say I am perfect, I have had many rough patches in my life – but I’ve always managed to find my focus and lift my self up again. When I did reach those points, I would do a massive clear-out to cope with the stress which did help greatly.  I use simplicity, order and focus to help me through any difficult period.

Before stepping into Professional Organising full time, I worked in the Customer Service industry as a Manager and before that Executive Assistant and Office Manager roles. All these experiences required me to be super organised and meticulous with what I had to do. I have been highly trained on the A Tidy Mind programme and have a qualification in life coaching to support the practical side of my work.

Services I Offer


My aim is to help people discover what is most important to them and to find simplicity in all aspects of their lives, whether it be their home, office or emotional well-being. Whether you need help to declutter your whole house or a specific space, such as your office or wardrobe, I will empathetically work with you to declutter any space and offer decluttering tips along the way. I have helped many people across London and I look forward to helping you too!


Although I have studied Professional Organising and have extensive training, I would say I was actually born a Professional Organiser! I work with people to find and implement the best systems to organise their homes or offices, making their lives easier. Everyone can be taught to me more organised and an organised home is one of the best ways to feel calm and content.

‘Working with pets’ specialism

I founded an animal charity in the Seychelles when I was younger and have a lot of experience with pets. If you have pets, you can rest assured that I love them and know how to engage with them. Perhaps you need help to organise pet things? Or learn habits to keep things tidy with pets around?

Help moving house

Moving house can certainly be daunting but it doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s actually a wonderful opportunity to start with a clean slate. You might need to declutter during the moving process or would like help packing, unpacking or organising your new home.

If you’re moving within London or out of London, I can work with you during (or at any stage of) the entire moving house project.

Help with hoarding

I have had specific training (through Hoarding Disorders UK) to work with people with hoarding issues. Compulsive hoarding must be treated with patience, creativity, empathy and understanding. I can help whether or not you have a diagnosed hoarding disorder.


If your area is not listed below, please do contact me as I may still be able to accommodate you!

West Brompton
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Richmond Upon Thames

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I offer free face to face consultations, so why not book one by filling in the form below or by ringing 07423 821 879? Hope to meet you soon!