Declutter and Organise Your Home – Spring clearing your way to freedom

As we approach the end of spring and with Covid restrictions easing, having friends over again is a realistic possibility. Being able to meet up in pub gardens, the park and going back to the office, means that our social lives will soon return to being busy once again. But, what if you haven’t had the time, ability or motivation to declutter and organise your home?

declutter and organise your home

If you have been stuck working at home, organising and decluttering might have been the last thing on your mind. For many, the easing of restrictions means going back to normal, for others it’s an opportunity for a fresh start. In this post I will share a few tips to get you started on a spring clear out and get your home in tip top shape to receive visitors and re-enter the world with a calmer and tidier mind.


Craig (A Tidy Mind – London)

Declutter first

Lockdown saw a rise in online shopping with impulse purchases skyrocketing. The result, lots of packaging you ‘may need later’ or items you thought you wanted but don’t actually need. Retail therapy can feel great, but when a product enters your home and just sits there unused, the instant gratification from purchase quickly dies out and you’re left with new clutter causing the opposite effect. When your start decluttering perhaps start with those impulse purchases, return anything you no longer want and get your money back or donate to charity. As for the packaging, pop them into recycling. No matter what the little voice in your head says, you won’t need them later.

When decluttering, take some time to go over what you already own and will not use again. A great place to start is your wardrobe, transitioning between seasons gives us the best opportunity to take out anything that no longer brings us joy. If you’re using the easing of lockdown to make a fresh start, there will no doubt be many things you do not wish to take with you on your new journey. Be firm with deciding what you want to keep in your life. Always ask the question, does this object add value to my life?


Find a home for everything

After decluttering, it’s time to organise. When I say organise I don’t just mean super fancy labelled baskets or decanted Jars. A system that will work for you/your family & one that you can maintain, is enough. Find ‘homes’ for where items will live in your house so you know where to find them and where to put them back. Once you have used an item, put it straight back in its home, don’t delay till later because it could end up not going back, starting a trend with the rest of your things. If you’re trying to clean, the last thing you want to do is run around putting things back where they should be. Making a habit of putting things back immediately after use saves you time later.


Clean as you go

declutter and organise your home

Cleaning as you go means washing the dishes & wiping the kitchen counters while the food is cooking, taking 10 minutes after work to wipe down your desk or when decluttering and organising, wiping down the shelves or cupboards before putting things back. Always remember that cleaning will be 10 times easier if you declutter and organise your home first.

Doing a quick clean regularly, will make it much more manageable down the line. Preventing overwhelm later is all about maintenance.


Involve everyone

If you live with others, keeping your home tidy and clean is a team effort. If there are multiple members of a household, get everyone including young children involved. Team work improves relationships and creates accountability. Getting children to look after their own spaces will create a sense of ownership and responsibility as they grow. It doesn’t have to feel like a chore. You’re working together to create more calm, joy and functionality in your home.


Call a professional

declutter and organise your home

Sometimes tackling clutter on your own can feel too overwhelming and you may need help getting things to a manageable level. A professional organiser can help you to find a clearer path through the mess by using their expertise to share ideas, helping to make decisions and advising you on ways to use your space more efficiently. It may be that you have never had the opportunity to learn how to declutter and organise your home. These skills can be learned and as professional house organisers, we aim to empower our clients to learn new habits and systems that help them keep their home tidy in the long term.

Thanks for reading!

Craig owns the London branch of A Tidy Mind. He has helped many clients get in control of their environment with his empathetic, positive approach. Craig was born to organise and is a walking encyclopaedia of organising tips and tricks! If you’re in London, why not get in touch with Craig for an informal chat to see whether it’s the right service for you? You can take advantage of a free consultation too.

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