Budgeting Advice & Money Management


Budgeting Advice & Money Management

Manage your money better with our Budgeting Advice & Money Management service so you can feel in control of your finances.

Budgeting advice & money management coaching sessions are for you if:

you feel your finances are out of control 

you don’t budget or don’t tend to stick to a budget

you’re an impulsive or emotional spender 

you want to feel more organised, calm & in control of your finances

you need to take some time out & have an expert have a fresh look at how you’re managing your money

How does it work?

Budgeting advice & money management coaching takes place in the form of an initial 30 minute assessment & then a 90 minute session. Further 1 hour sessions can be offered if required. These sessions can take place virtually, offering you complete flexibility.

Examples why you might approach us for help with budgeting & money management

To review monthly outgoings

To be provided with a personalised Excel spreadsheet with monthly financial analysis 

To set up standing orders from same account on correct dates

To get the best deals from utility providers & other services

To review weekly transactions or get a handle on outgoings

To make a plan to reduce debts or manage savings & investments

To develop habits for opening post, shredding / weekly actions / recycling

To have more money for the things that matter


£80 for initial 30 minutes plus 90 minute session  |  £40 for additional 1 hour sessions

Initial session includes follow up emails to summarise the discussion and outline the action points.

 For some quick tips, read this money management blog post

This service can be delivered virtually no matter where your location or in person if you live in West Yorkshire. To enquire or book, fill in the contact form below or email [email protected]

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