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Hello, I'm Caroline!

*Due to COVID-19 I am currently offering virtual services to all locations. Please see below for further details* I'm based in Horbury and cover West Yorkshire (Wakefield, Halifax, Calderdale, Huddersfield, Kirklees, Leeds etc) & South Yorkshire. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter or struggling with home organisation, I can help! I offer an empathetic approach & will work with you at your pace to ensure your home becomes an organised space for relaxation with a tidy mind. Why not get in touch for a free 30 minute consultation, I’d love to hear from you. Tel: 07437 203666.

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Wakefield, West & South Yorkshire Decluttering Service

How Can I Help You?

  • I can help you to declutter & tidy your home and your mind – virtually or in person
  • I can help you overcome the feelings of overwhelm
  • I can show you where to start
  • I can coach you in home organisational systems to simplify your day to day
  • I can donate your unwanted items to local charities or a charity of your choice

About Me

My family call me the queen of lists and I’ve been in my element over the last couple of years renovating my Victorian home, which has been a dream come true. The move from my previous house sparked my passion for decluttering and organising, after realising just how much clutter I was storing and the impact this was having on my mental health. My husband, teenage children and I now live happily in a comfortable space. We surround ourselves with lots of valued and useful possessions, each with their own home, so if and when it gets messy (which is does) it’s easy to tidy and organise once more

Smile and be kind, it’s infectious

Services I Offer

Virtual Services

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your clutter or struggling with organisation I can help via telephone, FaceTime, WhatsApp video or Zoom at a time convenient to you. You’re spending more time at home so it’s a great time to make changes. I can provide expertise, support, motivation & accountability – all from afar.

Virtual Decluttering

I can help you to: overcome the overwhelm, know how & where to start decluttering, allocate all your chosen possessions a home, keep motivated, create tidy habits and behaviours to ensure your home remains a tidy place you can relax in.

Virtual Home Organisation

If you require help with daily / weekly / monthly home organisation I can work with you to create customised routines which work for you & your family and help to; increase productivity, simplify your day, prioritise your will do list & feel calm and in control.

Virtual Budgeting

Now is a great time to review your finances.  I can help you to; review what’s coming in & what’s going out, ensure you are maximising your income potential, make sure you are getting the best deal on all your utility bills, organise your standing orders and direct debits, create a monthly budget, motivate you to open and file / shred / recycle all your unopened post, create weekly tidy habits so it’s easy for you to keep on top of your finances.

Face to Face Services


I am a professional declutterer and a verified member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers).  I can help you to clear the clutter & organise; your whole house, one room, your pantry, your wardrobe, your garage, your paperwork, that cupboard you throw things in when you don’t know what to do with them! All decluttering work will be completed at your pace with the utmost respect for you and your belongings.  I offer an empathetic approach and I’m a great listener.

Home organisation

I offer coaching in home organisation systems which will help you to simplify your morning, evening and weekly routines to ensure they work successfully for you and other members of your household.

If you feel you’ve neglected your home organisation due to; trauma, illness, bereavement or divorce I can help you to get back on track.

Home staging

Are you trying to sell your home? Let me help you to present your home at its best to aid a speedy sale. This will involve decluttering, styling and presenting your home in a way to appeal to a range of potential buyers.

Moving home

Are you moving house? Why pay to transport possessions you don’t want, need or love. I can help you declutter before, during and / or after your move. I can also help you unpack and organise your new home.

Financial Management & Budgeting

I have extensive experience in managing and budgeting for; household finances, property renovation projects and business income and expenditure. If you feel disorganised in any of these areas, I will put plans and systems in place for you.


A clutter free, well organised approach to all aspects of our lives helps us to concentrate on; relationships, being creative, being productive and enjoying our homes as the sanctuary they should be.  I believe this is essential for positive mental health.

Many aspects of our lives can cause a cluttered mind.  These may be; possessions, relationships, excessive emails, unopened post or ineffective administration procedures.  I can help you to identify your personal clutter so you can take positive steps towards achieving a calm mind.


If your area is not listed below, please do contact me as I may still be able to accommodate you!

West Yorkshire
South Yorkshire

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I offer free virtual or face to face consultations, so why not book one by filling out the form below, calling me on 07437 20 36 66. Hope to meet you soon!