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I'm based in Ilkley but am happy to travel to Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford, York and surrounding areas to work with you. I have six years experience in professional organising and decluttering. I have worked with clients who are very overwhelmed, parents/families, older people, children/young people, clients who have ADHD & other neurodiversity & those with hoarding challenges.

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West Yorkshire & North Yorkshire Decluttering Service

How Can We Help You?

It has become apparent to me that what any of us need in life is basically shelter, a safe environment, clean clothes, food and water. Belongings are important and can ring joy but an excess of them can cause stress and overwhelm. When I realised I enjoyed helping people get their houses in order, it felt like I had found my calling.

Making A Difference

To date I have worked with hundreds of different clients who have found themselves overwhelmed and in need of assistance to declutter and organise.  Many perceive their situations badly and may fear a negative reaction. I give support sensitively and without judgement.

Every job no matter how great or small is do-able. I am conscientiously eco-friendly, being aware of human behaviour and the impact of waste on the planet and its future. I always seek to recycle / re-use (donate / sell) to reduce landfill.

I have seen how decluttering and organising has made all the difference for clients; their homes are tidier, they feel lighter and less stressed, they are happier and they can enjoy life. At the end of the day I enjoy my work and to see people change for the better makes the work all the more rewarding. If you need help with your belongings at home, do get in touch. We can have a friendly chat about whether it’s the right service for you – you won’t regret it.

Professional Decluttering & Home Organising Service in Ilkley & surrounds

Package Prices

£222 – 6 hour BRONZE package  |   £420 – 12 hour SILVER package  (most popular)

|   £792  – 24 hour GOLD package

£5 per hour premium for evening / weekends may apply

More about what exactly is included in the packages

Pay-as-you-go Price

£40 per hour


Services We Offer

How can we help you with Decluttering Services & Home Organising?

House Organiser Services

Declutter Your Home

Whether you need help to declutter your house or a specific space, such as your office or wardrobe, I will sensitively work with you to declutter your personal space and offer decluttering tips to maintain things.

Organise Your Home

Simple habits and routines are at the heart of what I teach. Many people resolve to ‘be more organised’ but that goal is too big on its own. By breaking down actions into small, achievable ‘micro habits’, it’s possible to learn to be organised even if it doesn’t come naturally to you.

Productivity Coaching/Time Management Coaching/ADHD Coaching

I have experience in helping people deal with mental clutter and emotional blocks. I also have experience and have completed specific training for professional organising working with ADHD clients. I will work with you on your mindset whilst supporting you emotionally. I can also deliver productivity sessions in person – read more about productivity coaching.

Help Moving House

Moving house is an opportunity for a fresh start. You may need to declutter before or during the moving process or would like tips on organising your new home to make it work for you and your new space.

I can work with you during the entire moving house project, from packing to unpacking and organisation.

Help With Hoarding

I have specific training and years of experience working with those with hoarding issues. I approach every project with empathy and understanding. Whether you have a diagnosed hoarding disorder and need to reclaim some space or simply would like help to let go of items that no longer bring you joy, I can help.

Please use the contact form below, email me, or call 07956 65 01 46. Congratulations on taking the first step.

Home  Staging/Styling

Are you trying to organise with your style in mind or stage your home for sale? Let me help you present your home at its best. This will involve decluttering, styling, and presenting your home to appeal to a range of buyers.

Personal Assistant/Home PA

I offer a Home PA or Personal Assistant service to help ease some of your work & can help with admin, making/taking calls on your behalf, answering emails, conducting research, online shopping & much more.

More about the PA/VA Service

Budgeting  Advice  &  Money  Management

If you need to be more organized when it comes to managing and budgeting for household finances, property renovation projects, and business income and expenditures, or if you would like me to help you save money, get in touch!

Please see more info on the Budgeting Advice & Money Management page

Office / Business Decluttering & Organising Services

Home Office Organising

If you work from home or need a dedicated home working space, I can help you set one up, plan the storage, space optimisation and filing systems. I can help simplify and declutter paperwork and create routines for managing paper and digital information.

Business / Commercial Organising

If you work in a contained or open plan office, co-working space, studio or office space rental, I can help you organise and most importantly, choose the organisational habits and systems that work in the long term to maximise your productivity.

Virtual Services – from £35 per hour

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your clutter or struggling with organisation I can help via telephone, FaceTime, WhatsApp video or Zoom at a time convenient to you. 

Productivity Coaching

We often feel we lack time, but it’s how we manage it that counts. A full audit & review of your time management systems is incredibly valuable. There are ways to automate your time & create a plan for the week which makes you productive. Whether you feel overwhelmed with busyness or need help creating habits that work or help with planning your work or family schedule, get in touch.

More About Time Management & Productivity Coaching

Decluttering Service – Remote / Virtual

I don’t need to be with you in person to help you tackle those projects you have been putting off. Piles of paperwork, a room that has become a dumping ground. A cluttered kitchen etc. I’ll give you a clear, simple process for decluttering these areas and will talk you through it, including where to store decluttered items until disposal can be arranged).

Home Organising Service – Remote / Virtual

Organising your home is about creating simple, easy to maintain habits and systems. Everything in your home should have it’s place and with the correct routines, I promise, it’s possible. I can work with you to create customised routines which work for you & your family and help to; increase productivity, beautifully arrange your home, simplify your day and make you feel calm and in control.

Virtual Assistant/Virtual Home PA

I offer a Home PA or Personal Assistant service to help ease some of your work & can help with admin, making/taking calls on your behalf, answering emails, conducting research, online shopping & much more.

More about the PA/VA Service

About Me


The Team


Rachel A Tidy Mind

Rachel Cordingley – Owner of A Tidy Mind West & North Yorkshire

About Rachel

I’m a born and bred Yorkshire girl, but have also lived in Birmingham, London, Salamanca and Barcelona in Spain and Funchal in Madeira and speak Spanish.

Officially, I have been a professional organiser since 2016. In reality, I have been doing it all my life. As a child in the nursery I divided up the room with my skipping rope so that my side could remain tidy and organised, whilst my younger sister’s contained her mess! That said, in my role as an organiser, I put what works for me to one side and focus on what will work for you. Everyone’s definition of clutter is different so by careful listening and using empathy and creativity, we create a vision, then implement a a state of tidiness you can maintain.

I’m enthusiastic about what I do and love nothing more than to tidy and organise any area of a home. It’s just as important to help you adopt new habits and routines so you feel empowered to run your home or workspace smoothly.

Before I started doing this professionally, I gained a lot of insight into decluttering homes due assisting elderly relations when they downsized. They moved from a large family home into a small ground floor flat for reasons of deteriorating health. Given their ages and being war babies, many things had been saved as “it might come in useful” or “to mend and make do”, so the house clearing and move was no small task.

I regularly invest in training and professional development and am a verified member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers)Rachel Cordingley APDO


Jo A tidy Mind

Jo – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind West & North Yorkshire

About Jo

Jo is warm, kind and empathic. Her passion is connecting to people and helping but also empowering clients to help themselves. Whilst she is a natural organiser, she never judges those who find organising challenging. She’ll find creative ways for individuals to implement systems and habits that are realistic for them. Clients often comment on how quickly Jo puts them at their ease and they feel like they’ve known her for years.


Vicki – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind West & North Yorkshire

About Vicki

As a HR professional for over 25 years, Vicki has worked with many individuals providing support in a calm, empathetic and friendly way.  Vicki is a good listener, and being a naturally tidy person with a keen eye for detail, is well placed to help others implement systems that work practically.  Vicki loves nothing more than decluttering and tidying spaces to help clients feel less stressed and more organised.


Helen – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind West & North Yorkshire

About Helen

Helen’s eclectic twenty years of work since graduating can be attributed to the Quaker way of living: attend to what love requires of you. She has been drawn to work which is useful, supportive and kind and empowers people. This has included sociological research and writing on social exclusion, voluntary befriending, advocacy, social prescribing and finally professional decluttering and organising. All of her work has involved supporting people who are struggling / overwhelmed in one way or another. Studies in the areas of counselling, Transactional Analysis and advocacy have enhanced her aptitude for active, non-judgemental listening and empathy.

Helen loves decluttering, organising, filing, creating order and writing lists; and with her passion for interior design she loves creating aesthetically pleasing and practically useful spaces for people for whom these things do not come easily. When not in work mode, Helen is raising two children and enjoys baking, reading, knitting and crochet.


Sarah – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind West & North Yorkshire

About Sarah

Sarah loves helping and empowering people to reconnect with their home as a place of happiness and sanctuary.

Her experience in the world of decluttering stems from helping a number of elderly and neurodiverse family members in decluttering and downsizing from large family homes to much smaller flats.


Joanna – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind West & North Yorkshire

About Joanna

Joanna has natural empathy and is a great listener. Her background in teaching means she is used to navigating challenging and complex situations. She has always been naturally organised in her home and work but is non judgemental about others who need more support. Joanna believes everyone can and deserves to feel peaceful and joyful in their home or workspace.



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