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Hello, I'm Caroline!

I'm based in Horbury & cover West Yorkshire (Wakefield, Calderdale, Kirklees) & South Yorkshire (Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham). I can visit you in your home or help virtually. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter or struggling with home organisation, I can help! I offer an empathetic approach to decluttering your home & your mind. All decluttering is completed at your pace with respect for you & your possessions. I’m also training to work with clients with hoarding tendencies & ADHD. Why not get in touch for a free consultation?

You can email me, [email protected], call 07437 203 666, or click the button below to fill out my contact form

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West & South Yorkshire Decluttering Service

How Can We Help You?

Help  is  here  if  you  need:

  • to declutter & tidy your home & your mind
  • to overcome the feelings of overwhelm
  • assistance in knowing where to start decluttering & the best approach to take
  • coaching in home organisational systems to simplify your day to day
  • to donate your unwanted items to local charities or a charity of your choice
  • to be more productive & work or home
  • to be more organised with your money & household budget


*** A Tidy Mind West & South Yorkshire are wholeheartedly ‘neuro-affirming’, anti-racist & LGBTQIA+ friendly. We empower people from neurodiverse & otherwise diverse communities to thrive ***

Read our ‘no-judgement’ policy

Services We Offer

O U R     P A C K A G E S

£222 – 6 hour BRONZE package   |   £420 – 12 hour SILVER package   |   £792  – 24 hour GOLD package

£5 per hour premium for evening / weekends may apply

More about what exactly is included in the packages



I can help you to clear the clutter & organise; your whole house, one room, your pantry, your wardrobe, your garage / storage unit, your paperwork, that cupboard you throw things in when you don’t know what to do with them.

I offer an empathetic, compassionate approach & I’m a great listener.

I’ll coach you on where and how to start & I’ll motivate you – just think of me as a personal trainer for your home.

I make decluttering fun!


Home  Organisation

I offer coaching in home organisation systems which will help you to simplify your morning, evening & weekly routines to ensure they work successfully for you & other members of your household.

If you feel you’ve neglected your home organisation due to; trauma, illness, bereavement, a disability or divorce I can help you to get back on track.


Professional Organiser Mentoring

Due to my experience of running a successful organising business, I offer mentoring to new professional organisers or those interested in starting out in the industry. These are bespoke sessions on Zoom or by phone and I charge £50 per hour. Please email me if you would like to book.


Productivity  &  Time  Management  Coaching

We have 168 hours a week at our disposal, 112 if we sleep for 8 hours a night.  If you would like help in making those hours more productive then this is the session for you. It’s a great eye opener into how you currently spend your time & a way to review which of your activities actually add value.

I can travel to your home or place of work to provide this service.

Please see more info in the virtual section above or the dedicated Productivity Coaching page.


Home  Staging

Are you trying to sell your home? Let me help you to present your home at its best to aid a speedy sale. This will involve decluttering, styling & presenting your home in a way to appeal to a range of potential buyers.


Moving  Home

Are you moving house? Why pay to transport possessions you don’t want, need or love. I can help you declutter before, during & / or after your move. I can liaise with removal companies & co-ordinate tradespeople.  I can help you unpack, organise your new home & suggest storage solutions if help is needed.  I can take the stress out of your move!


Budgeting  Advice  &  Money  Management  (also  delivered  virtually) 

I have extensive experience in managing & budgeting for; household finances, property renovation projects & business income and expenditure. If you would like me to help you to save money get in touch!

Please see more info on the Budgeting Advice & Money Management page



A clutter free, well organised approach to all aspects of our lives helps us to concentrate on; relationships, being creative, being productive & enjoying our homes as the sanctuary they should be.  I believe this is essential for positive mental health.

Many aspects of our lives can cause a cluttered mind.  These may be; belongings, relationships, excessive emails, unopened post, habits or ineffective administration procedures.  I can help you to identify your personal clutter so you can take positive steps towards achieving a calm mind.


About Us


Caroline watterson professional organiser

Caroline Watterson – Owner of A Tidy Mind West & South Yorkshire

About Caroline

I have owned A Tidy Mind West & South Yorkshire since 2018. My family call me the queen of lists and I’ve been in my element over the few years renovating my Victorian home, which has been a dream come true. The move from my previous house sparked my passion for decluttering & organising, after realising just how much clutter I was storing & the impact this was having on my mental health.

My husband, teenage children & I now live happily in a comfortable space. We surround ourselves with lots of valued & useful possessions, each with their own home, so if & when it gets untidy (which is does) it’s easy to tidy & organise once more.

To provide a professional decluttering and organising service, I draw on my training, experience & continuous development of my skills. I continually tweak & improve my practice so I can offer the best service to my clients. I enjoy being a valued & integral part of the A Tidy Mind team.

A phrase that sums me up:
“Smile & be kind, it’s infectious”

I also love this quote by Eleanor Brown:
“Clutter is not just physical stuff, it’s old ideas, toxic relationships & bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self”


The Team


Jo A tidy Mind

Jo – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind West & South Yorkshire

About Jo

Jo is a natural organiser, with a passion for helping people. She takes great pride in her work and is known for being compassionate and diligent. Jo is is enthusiastic about the link between tidying and wellbeing and believes that creating a tidy and organised environment, is often the start of big positive change in our lives.


Tara A Tidy Mind

Tara – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind West & South Yorkshire

About Tara

Tara has been helping clients who are overwhelmed by clutter, go from chaos to calm, over the last two years.
Tara exudes compassion, empathy and understanding and as a Mum of children with additional needs has tonnes of experience in sustainable home organisation habits and routines, in neurodiverse households.


Sonia A Tidy Mind

Sonia – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind West & South Yorkshire

About Sonia

Sonia is proof that our decluttering and organising systems work. Having been on her own personal tidying journey. She has gone from overwhelmed client to an almost fully booked Professional Organiser and the transition has been an absolute privilege to witness. Sonia’s natural warmth, compassion, empathy and humour make her a joy to work with.

Sonia’s experience is successfully helping many regular clients and we hope their feedback will help others, struggling with clutter, feel able to ask for help.
neurodiverse households.


Becky Professional Organiser A Tidy Mind

Becky – Professional Organiser – A Tidy Mind West & South Yorkshire

About Becky

Becky exudes warmth and positivity. She has a knack of making those in her company feel comfortable. She is interested in each client she meets and quickly tunes into their unique needs, using her excellent listening skills.

Becky says:
“What I love most about working in A Tidy Mind are the people.  My Colleagues, who are all eager to help & support each other, and my clients, who are working everyday on their positive mindset & organising their homes for the better. It’s so satisfying and rewarding working with such amazing people”



If your area is not listed below, please do contact me as I may still be able to accommodate you!

West Yorkshire
South Yorkshire

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