Why Choose Us?

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Work with an A Tidy Mind professional organiser because:

  • We are particularly experienced in working with people who feel overwhelmed,
  • We listen to you and empathise,
  • We use a range of coaching techniques. This is about teaching you how to maintain your new clutter-free, organised space,
  • We are extremely competitive on cost and there are no ‘add on’ charges,
  • We always offere a free, face to face consultation before you commit,
  • If you want to declutter and stage before you sell your home or move house, we have helped many clients do just that (with minimal stress),
  • Decluttering is important but it’s not the whole picture. We can help you find storage solutions and develop habits and routines,
  • We support charities widely. We can provide you help and advice regarding donating.
  • We are experienced and trained to work with people on the Hoarding Disorder spectrum,
  • As well as decluttering and organising, we can help you sell your home, move house or give you a PA.
  • If you have paperwork to sort out, we’re experts at this as well as putting together an effective filing system,
  • You will be treated as an individual. The work can take place slowly or quickly in line with you pace YOU need,
  • We’ll empower you. It’s about helping you change your mindset and teaching you new skills,
  • If you have suffered a bereavement and how have to clear the home, we can sensitively and practically help,
  • Have items in a storage unit? We can help with this.

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