3 Hacks To Help With Daily Housework

3 Hacks To Help With Daily Housework

The home is where the heart is, so who doesn’t want to avoid clutter and mess? No one likes chaos, but equally, it’s not easy to keep up with the housework and maintain a social life, work life, and have leisure time. Trying to juggle every aspect of your life is hard work, and so you put aside the less fun and meaningful tasks, like housework and chores – that’s perfectly understandable. Then comes the vicious cycle of putting off your cleaning, building up a list of duties, and then not wanting to do it because the list is so big.

Cleaning and decluttering doesn’t have to be a tiresome and monotonous task; there are many home improvements that you can make to make your life that much easier. It’s all about organisation, habits and feng shui, making sure that the logistics of your home make sense. Cater for yourself and all the frequent tasks you have to do. Make space and get rid of all the unnecessary items that you have in your home and replace those with functional components that will assist with your daily duties. 

This doesn’t mean chucking out everything you own and having only the bare necessities. It’s about realising what is serving absolutely no purpose, both functionally and aesthetically, and disposing of it. That’s what clutter is, having things for the sake of having things. Building up shelves and boxes and rooms of clutter is easily doable, you do it without really realising, then you’ll get to the point where you’ll find that you’ve simply got too much stuff and not enough room. There will be a eureka moment where you just know you have to do something about it.

After having a clear out, you’ll need to repurpose that newly found space you’ve made, with that, you can enhance the logistics of your daily routine. Make space where space is space is needed and think about how you’re going to remodel the organisation of how you function day-to-day.

Easier access to your garden

Your garden is an extension of your home. It serves many purposes, some that may have not even crossed your mind. Your garden can be used as a means of storage, drying clothes, fixing items, for kids playing, time spent relaxing, exercising, the list goes on. Neglecting your garden for whatever reason can mean that you stop using it altogether, many allow their garden to become overgrown and a completely last minute thought.

Going back and forth to your garden can prove a bit of a pain for many households. You might have awkward access to your garden. Whether that’s things in the way of your back door, an old tight doorway, narrow pathways or it’s just not a nice garden to go into. You must combat whatever it is that is making you neglect the use of your garden. With the use of your garden comes the ability to do so much more in your home. 

If you’ve got bins and recycling boxes outside your back door, move it away to a more suitable location, allow yourself to have more accessible use of your back door. If your backdoor is dysfunctional and isn’t fit for purpose, invest in Patio Doors. They can open up a whole new way of living within your household and add value to your property. If your garden is simply overgrown and messy, clean it up, and do some gardening. You’ll want to be in your garden if it’s tidy and pleasant to be in. All it takes is that initial motivation and to get the ball rolling, and once you’ve cleaned it up the first time, you’ve got the hard bit out of the way. 

Making use of your outdoor space is an excellent way of helping with cleaning, decluttering, and staying on top of those necessary activities. All it requires is a bit of a push and shove to make those moves to utilising your garden, and you’ll never look back.

Introduce a utility room

Not everyone has space of a utility room, granted. Though it’s possible to repurpose an existing room into a utility room or share that purpose with another place. If you’re able to condense all your white goods into one room, you’ll be making life much easier for yourself. Instead of having to run all over the house to complete all of your individual tasks, you can do it all from one place, saving time and leg work. 

You don’t have to stop at whitegoods either. If you’ve got the space, make it your ironing room, your folding room, your storage room, or whatever room you like. Compact as much of your cleaning to a singular space without cluttering it and you’ll undoubtedly notice a difference. Life is much simpler if you can operate out of a single space instead of having to venture to every nook and cranny of your home. 

Think smart about the organisation of your utility room, wherever it may be. It’s essential that you don’t clutter it with too much, and don’t organise it poorly. Stacking your whitegoods appliances is generally a good idea, it saves space, and if you’re stacking say a washing machine with a tumble dryer, you can transfer all the clothing in one swift move and don’t have to worry about traipsing it across the room or house. Little ideas like this will make your life a whole lot effortless and will add much-needed space.

Revamp your kitchen

If you don’t have the use of a utility room, you’re more than likely going to be using your kitchen as the home for your white goods appliances. Therefore, the kitchen will be the heart of 90% of your cleaning. It’ll be where you wash clothes and clean the dishes. It’ll be where you keep the cleaning products, mops, and buckets. So maybe revamping your kitchen will allow you to completely re-strategise your daily routine and add in those vital elements to make managing your home, much more straightforward.

To revamp your kitchen, you don’t need to completely rip out the existing one and put in a new one. It doesn’t have to be an expensive job. Rebuilding a kitchen from scratch can be a lengthy and costly task, so you don’t have to resort to doing so. You can make amendments to the existing infrastructure and make improvements based on the negatives of your kitchen space. Is your sink too small? Get a larger sink or a deeper one. Need more cupboard space? Make your cupboards taller or wider. Or substitute counter space for more cupboards. It’s all about making sense of what you need and what you don’t need and making compromises based on that.

Understandably, you’re not going to be able to make space out of thin air. It’s about managing the space you have and being smart with your organisation. Your kitchen is the hub of many homes and so ensuring that you’re getting the absolute best out of your kitchen will make a significant change to how you approach your housework. 

Your house is the base of all that you own and have. It’s where you and your family reside, and having a clean home often means a happy home. The aim is to make yours and your family’s housework as effortless as possible so that you can spend your valuable time doing more of what you want to do. Home improvements, if executed correctly and with the right thoughts in mind, can make a huge difference in how your life functions on a daily basis.

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