3 Ways to Improve Security Measures in Your Pharmacy

ways to improve security measures

As professional organisers and space optimisation experts, we organise commercial premises as well as domestic homes. There is no space we won’t tackle and pharmacies are particularly interesting environments. So many factors need to be considered in terms of design, layout and functionality. As the manager or owner of a pharmacy, you’ll be aware that businesses within the pharmaceutical sector present prime targets for organised crime. Pharmaceutical companies handle sensitive information. Drugs have always been a desirable product to steal. So, the safety and security of your pharmacy are bound to be one of your top priorities.

Consider the windows and doors that could serve as entryways to criminals after hours. Also be aware of the safe transport and storage of the many medicines that your pharmacy stocks. The same standard of security should be applied to every aspect of your pharmacy. To help, we’ve listed several ways to improve security measures in your pharmacy below:

Consider How Your Pharmacy Is Designed

Ensuring your customers’ safety and security require changes in many ways. This includes how your pharmacy is designed. To ensure that your pharmacy’s layout is utilisable for all kinds of customers, you should include shelves and fixtures that are solid, safe and not too high. These measures will make browsing for products easy and keep the need for assistance minimised. Ailes should always be free of clutter, clear, and wide enough to allow two people to pass each other.  At the same time, allowing for people travelling opposite ways without affecting other customers’ ability to shop.

Look At How Medication Is Dispensed

One area where safety and security should be rife is the dispensing area. In this way, dispensing errors are kept to a minimum and orders are fulfilled smoothly. Many pharmacies have automated this procedure. Or combined traditional pharmaceutical dispensing methods with the implication of modern-day software. As a result, this creates a more efficient, secure workflow.

As well as automated equipment, pharmacies should also use high-quality physical equipment such as roll pallets, cages, and stillage products to make their supply chain more efficient. For inspiration, consider visiting  https://www.rollpallet.co.uk/, a supplier of transportation options and accessories to help address specific business needs.

Visit their website to browse their complete range of suitable products for the pharmaceutical sector. This can help give you peace of mind that your high-value and controlled products are correctly stored or transported.

Install Deterrents

Another way your pharmacy can improve its security measures is by installing security cameras, motion detectors, and other alarms. These can help notify you, other staff members, and local authorities of any disturbances.

Any system implemented should also come with additional safety features such as panic buttons etc. They can be installed in an easy-to-reach place like underneath the counter so that staff can access it quickly should there be a problem.

You could install the cameras and motion detectors in all entryways, inside and out. Plus high-risk spots such as the front counter, dispensing area, or any cabinets holding items high in value or controlled substances.

In the entryways and exits, you could also install bells or chimes that will sound whenever someone enters or exits the premises. This will alert staff members that might be out the back or in another part of the store to return to the front counter.

We hope you find our blog on ways to improve security measures in your pharmacy useful!

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