5 tips for helping you move into a new home

One of the most stressful experiences that we all go through is moving homes. Often, a move to a new property could be for positive reasons. You may be moving to be closer to be friends or family, to take on a new career challenge, or you may be moving to a bigger property that will allow your family greater comfort. 

But the physical act of moving, and all of the admin that goes with the event of moving to a new home can really take its toll on you. Here are a few top tips to help you. 

Start Packing Early

The earlier you can start packing, the better. Pack anything that you won’t need on the run-up to your move. This may mean packing things like books and ornaments along with clothes that you won’t be wearing. 

Pack Clever

Make sure you label your boxes and keep similar items together that will be bound for the same destination within your new house. That will help to save you a considerable amount of time and stress when you get to your new place. 

Pack Safe

Make sure you don’t overload boxes. Put heavier items at the bottom of boxes, and remember to always mark up fragile boxes. 

Use bubble wrap or towels around anything that you will need to protect. 

If a box needs to be handled a certain way, don’t forget to say which way up it should be kept. 

Think about how the box will be able to stack with other boxes. Odd shapes will make it harder to stack, think about using consistent sizing across your boxes. For more tips see here: https://www.wikihow.life/Pack-for-a-Move

Use A Professional Mover

Save yourself much of your hard work and headaches by hiring a professional mover. A removal company will be able to move your possessions quicker and in a safer way that you may be able to. 

A good company will have a reputation for moving people’s possessions with minimal risk of breakage. Having someone else carry your items will take the pressure off you. For more information, please check out: https://www.mybekins.com/locations/chula-vista-ca-movers/ 

Make A List Of Companies To Contact

When you move homes, you will have to let a lot of different people know that you’re moving. Companies that supply your current home with energy, water, home insurance, or your phone and internet connection will need to know when you are moving and your forwarding address. 

You will also need to inform your bank, credit card company, and your car insurance company. 

The earlier you can start informing these companies, the easier it will be for you. As soon as you know the date that you are moving, and where you will be moving to, then you can let them all know this information. Certain companies such as your gas, electric, and water providers may need you to take meter readings to send to them on the final day that you are in your old property. 
For resources to create the best to-do list: https://yourdiyfamily.com/product/daily-weekly-planner-printable-pack/

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