5 Ways of Organizing Your Waste in Your New Home

organizing your waste


You might wonder why, but people are very particular about cleanliness. However, it is essential to remember that some people are highly obsessive-compulsive about this trait. This is often due to strict parents who instilled their brand of cleanliness into them when they were growing up. These people go to great lengths to make sure everything is clean. Now that you are out on your own, these behaviors may be hard to maintain without the same support you had in your childhood home. One of the biggest challenges often faced by new adults is properly disposing of their waste. This is why there are several products designed to help with this struggle and to help you with organizing your waste.

To begin with, there are many types of waste one is bound to accumulate in their home. Kitchen trash consists of leftovers and the like. There may be some food wastes such as eggshells or onion skins that can be composted.

Then there is bathroom garbage such as used tissues or cotton swabs. Finally, there is also organic waste such as food scraps and paper.

You can use the following hacks on your waste management:


1. Use of trash cans with lids

One of the most popular ways to properly dispose of waste is using a trash can with a lid. This provides several benefits: it keeps the smell in and little critters out, it looks nice and tidy on the counter, and you don’t need to look at your garbage every day. There are two types of trash cans with lids that you can purchase: metal or plastic.

Metal trash cans with lids are sleek and classy. They come in shiny finishes such as copper, nickel, or stainless steel. Since they are made of metal, they often last longer and provide good service.

However, they do require more care than plastic ones, as you need to wipe them out regularly to avoid rusting or staining. Also, you will need dry hands when using the lid sometimes because it is not automatic, whereas most plastic ones are.

Furthermore, heavy items can dent these trash cans since they are not always super sturdy, especially if there are dents or bends on the side walls.

On the other hand, plastic trash cans with lids come in various cute colors and designs. They are often durable plastic, so they usually last longer than metal ones. Also, they are lightweight and thus easy to maneuver when taking out the garbage or recycling items.

However, because these trash cans are not made of metal, it is easier for them to have stains or rust due to wet items being disposed of in them. Also, these trash cans do not look classy at all, especially if you have a modern kitchen décor where everything must look perfect.


2. Use compost pail

The second popular way to dispose of your waste is by using a compost pail. This allows you to do away with garbage and food scraps. Some people even use it for recyclables such as soda cans, milk cartons, or glass jars. This type of pail is ideal if you are interested in recycling your waste into compost for your garden.

This is a very eco-friendly way to dispose of your waste.

Compost pails come in different designs, shapes, and colors, just like trash cans with lids. Most of them have airtight lids to keep the moisture out, so it does not clog up the holes designed for you to put food scraps into it.

However, some have adjustable vents so you can control how much oxygen gets into the pail. It has a handle either on top or side, depending on whether it is made for indoor or outdoor use.

Some compost pails even come with plastic trays underneath where you place your paper to make separating recyclables from organic garbage easier. Also, if your compost pail does not have this, you can use old newspapers instead.

If you are not in a position to use a compost pail and want a professional to help you organize your waste, you can hire a skip for better results.


3. Use of paper shredder

Another way to properly dispose of your waste is by using a paper shredder. This type of device cuts your documents into tiny pieces so that no one can reread them. It is beneficial if you are discarding information about clients or customers and bills and bank statements.

It also makes recycling papers easier since once they are shredded, you can place them with other recyclables for easy sorting at the recycling center. Shredders come in different shapes and sizes depending on their power source, whether electric or manual.

They also vary in terms of quality, where the cheapest ones only cut through one sheet at a time while the most expensive models cut through several sheets quickly.


4. Use a trash compactor

A great way to dispose of your waste is using a trash compactor. This type of device squeezes down the size of your garbage so that you can fit much more into one trash bag or bin. With this machine, you can fit up to three times as much waste in one place, thus lessening the amount of bags you need to take out every week.

There are two types of trash compactors: built-in, installed inside cabinets under the kitchen sink and stand-alone ones, freestanding units for use next to or outside your cabinets. If you choose to have a stand-alone unit, make sure it matches well with your décor, especially if it sits right next to where people gather in your house every day.


5. Use paper bags

Another way of disposing of kitchen and bathroom garbage is using a paper bag. These bags come in cute colors and fun prints with scents such as lavender or vanilla to keep the smell down.

For busy people, it is easy to grab one on the go when heading outside with your trash rather than taking out the can from under the sink. Also, they are usually inexpensive, so you don’t need to worry about spending too much money on this purpose.

However, these bags aren’t very sturdy, especially if you have thicker eggshells that can easily break through the sides. Also, they look cheap compared to a sleek trash can with a lid on it.

You could consider these a few options if you wish to dispose of your waste most optimally. Think it over and decide for yourself. The decision is ultimately yours. Please give it some thought, maybe ask family members/friends/colleagues what they recommend. But don’t forget to go out there and do some shopping around before deciding on something.

Take note that not all products sold online or at department stores will be available in every part of the country, so that’s why going around town can be helpful sometimes. Until next time, have a great day.






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