6 Interior Design Styles to Consider for Your Kitchen Renovation Project

kitchen renovation project

If you’re planning to pull off a kitchen renovation project any time soon, we’ve got some interior design styles for you to explore and choose from.

The kitchen is usually one of the most trafficked areas in a home, and there is no wonder why. It is a perfect place for cosy family gatherings and improvised wine tastings with friends. But it sometimes even serves you as a home office? However, your kitchen should be properly organised to perform its primary function – inspiring you for culinary experiments. And while purchasing smart appliances can indeed elevate your cooking experience, turning your kitchen into an aesthetically pleasing yet functional space will make you want to spend more time there. .

Below, you will find the essential information on the trendiest interior design options, ranging from minimalistic, industrial, and rustic styles to eclectic, bohemian, or farmhouse kitchen designs. Continue reading and choose something that will suit your home’s overall style.


Minimalism is the new black! Or rather, white! We’re utterly obsessed with all-white kitchens, and we’re sure that you are too. Minimalism is the #1 choice for kitchen design in 2022, and it’s so popular for a reason. It’s clean and modern, providing an ideal blank slate for you to express your individual style by decorating with small but meaningful details.

As part of your kitchen renovation, do you like the idea of a minimalist kitchen? Then you can opt for a glass or wooden work surface. This will let your eyes focus on the cooking essentials: stove, oven, sink, island tops, etc. But keep in mind that a white kitchen won’t be cheap to re-paint every now and then. It also requires more styling as its versatility is limited.


There is something about rustic kitchen designs that screams comfort and cosiness. They are perfect for those who love nature as they are inspired by natural textures and earthy colours. Hence, you might want to opt for rustic elements like reclaimed terracotta tiles, wooden cabinetry, salvaged wood tables, shelving units, cut limestone countertops, etc.

A good idea would also be to have a fireplace in your rustic kitchen. The main disadvantage of this design style is that it can be a bit overwhelming if you overdo it with rustic elements. So, try to keep it simple and don’t forget the furniture! If you’re thinking about replacing your old chairs and tables with rustic ones, we recommend going with an elegant look instead of a rugged one.


An eclectic kitchen is basically a mix of different design styles that work together to create a beautiful space that feels like home. This style blends traditional and modern elements to achieve a look that’s both comfortable and functional.

You can find eclectic kitchens in both large and small spaces, but they require an open floor plan to be implemented properly. However, if you want to build an eclectic kitchen in a small space, we suggest opting for horizontal decorating elements instead of vertical ones to expand the space visually.


When it comes to industrial kitchen renovation design styles, there are two options – shabby chic and modern. As their names suggest, the former is characterised by soft and feminine elements, while the latter boasts clean lines and contemporary accents. Either option is a great way to build a kitchen that’s both functional and stylish.

However, don’t forget about choosing high-quality materials for your industrial kitchen. Handmade tiles, rustic wood panelling, metal countertops and/or handles are some of the distinctive features of this design style. If these things appeal to you, consider adding vintage-inspired touches to your industrial kitchen.


Farmhouse kitchens are spacious and traditionally designed. They feature plenty of natural light due to large windows and doors as well as open floor plans. You can also add some industrial elements to this style to make it even more unique. For example, use vintage stoves, a so-called apron-front sink, or other vintage accessories to add some character to your farmhouse kitchen!

You can also opt for wood cabinets with glass shelves. This way, you’ll be able to showcase your dishes and other kitchen accessories. However, you should be careful when choosing the overall colour scheme as too much of it can make your kitchen look cluttered. For professional guidance, consider interior design services to help you achieve the perfect balance of elements.


If you’re looking for a cosy yet unconventional space with lots of character, you might want to consider choosing a bohemian kitchen design style for your space. Boho kitchens tend to have dark walls in keeping with their name ‘bohemian’. They mostly feature earthy colours like burnt reds and olive greens.

These kitchens boast patterned flooring, while the ceiling and upper walls are usually painted white or another light colour. The focal point of the room may be a wood-burning stove or a kitchen island made of natural materials like stone or wood.

Final Thoughts

As you can clearly see, there are several kitchen renovation design styles to choose from. The main thing is to keep your personal style in mind and decide what it is that you need from your kitchen.

For example, if you already have a home office or an extra bedroom, you might want to consider adding extra space for entertaining or relaxing. Or maybe you’re not going to be using your kitchen much at all? Then go for something small and simple. That way, you won’t waste money and space on something that doesn’t really suit your needs. Happy renovating!

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