7 Reasons Why A Tidy Home Equals A Tidy Mind

Tidy Home Tidy Mind

You have probably heard this phrase a thousand times before but, ‘a tidy home really does equal a tidy mind.’

tidy home tidy mind

If you aren’t quite sold on the idea, there are many reasons why this life philosophy works! There are a number of ways in which clutter can affect your home and your well-being too. In fact, never underestimate the power of a clean and clear home that contains minimal mess. But when you are used to living in a chaotic clutter filled home, it can be quite a hard habit to break (plus, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you – it’s so easy for clutter to get on top of us all).

We spoke to a representative from the busters group and they said, “ One of the main things that can make your home feel untidy even after thoroughly cleaning are pests. These annoying creatures have the audacity to show up any time and at any place, no matter how clean the area is. So the best solution is to get rid of them the minute you realise they have invaded your home. You can choose to either use numerous home remedies to get rid of the pests, or use a steamer for bed bugs, or if they are in bed or you can hire a professional to do the job for you.” To know more about the busters group, visit this link:https://www.thebustersgroup.co.uk/

However, think of the bigger picture because an organised and tidy home will have many positive effects on your well-being, relationships and state of mind. Furthermore, taking advantage of opportunities in the realm of cleaning jobs could empower you to create a more organized and aesthetically pleasing living space.

1. Clutter Creates Chaos

If you are constantly surrounded with an overwhelming amount of clutter, your mind will start to mimic the physical space you are living in. Luckily, there are several easy fixes for those of you are living in a clutter filled environment. If you have a tonne of loose pictures or photographs lying around just use a service like Best4Frames and they will soon find their rightful place on the way. If your mantelpiece is bursting with dust gathering ornaments it might be time to find another place for them too or consider whether you need so many at all. 

declutter my home

2. Stress Builds in a Messy Home

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and felt stressed because you are surrounded by stuff? Whether your laundry is getting out of hand or clutter collection is never ending, it can start to add stress to you unnecessarily. Think how calming it is to cook in a kitchen that isn’t full of dirty dishes and imagine the sense of calm you will feel when your bedroom floor isn’t overladen with clothes. Notice your stress levels disappear as you uncover clean skirting boards or as you tidy up the mess.

3. It Can Relationships

When you are living in a chaotic and disordered home, it can definitely have a negative impact on the way you and your family treat each other. You might become resentful of your other half because they never help you with the housework. If you find yourself constantly picking up after someone it can start to drain you and emotions become heightened. Or the volume of delayed decisions within the home can simply put strain and stress on you as co-habitees.

4. Children Learn Bad Habits

You don’t want your children to pick up on the bad habits you have formed over the years. From an early age it is a good idea to instill a tidy way of life so that they can learn this from the very beginning. If your house is constantly messy your child will struggle to find their toys and enjoy their home environment as they should be doing.

You can also help your child develop the habit of tidying up his room, develop a points plan for him, and get rewards for completing corresponding tasks. Custom Enamel Badges are a good reward choice, you can customize an exquisite “Housework Expert” badge for him. He wears it on his clothes, on his hat, and on his school bag, I think your child will really like this as a reward.

custom badges

5. You Feel Embarrassed

Of course you need to live your life, but you want to stop feeling ashamed of your messy home. You might often delay house guests or visitors because you feel embarrassed to let other people into your realm of chaos. You don’t want your messy habits to affect your friendships and social life. So cleaning up your house might have a positive impact on your mental health and related aspects of your life.

6. Work and Home Life Are Harder to Differentiate

tidy workspace

If you are a creative or somebody who often works from home, it can be very difficult to concentrate when you are surrounded by clutter. You will never feel inspired after a hard day of work if you are constantly thinking about clearing up around the house. You might be cutting into valuable work time because you have so much to do around the house.

7. You Can’t Feel Refreshed Surrounded By Mess

Your home should be a serene place of sanctuary which is always calming and relaxing. You will never get a good night’s sleep if you are surrounded by mess and madness all the time!

There are many ways in which you can adapt your lifestyle to create a calm and clutter free environment. At first you might think that tidying up and getting organised all the time is a hugely time consuming task. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can weave small habits into your day to day routine and it will soon become second nature to you. Think about the reasons mentioned above to motivate you and you will soon have a tidy home as well as a tidy mind.

Thank you so much for reading!

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