7 Tips for Cleaning Your New Home

cleaning your home

Cleaning your new home can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start.

However, with a little bit of preparation, the whole process should go smoothly and give you plenty of time to enjoy your new space! Here are a few ideas to help you start off in your new home with a clean slate.

1.   Plan From Day One

Moving day is likely going to be a stressful time for everyone. Most home movers will only have a few hours to move from one house to another, meaning that cleaning can take a backseat in the first few days.

Planning ahead for these first few days will really help you to save time in the long run. Hiring professional cleaners like Absolute Domestics in those first few days might be well worth the money. Have a checklist or calendar ready with all of the tasks that need to be done. Plus, consider keeping a bag of cleaning supplies on hand to do some spot cleaning as you move in.

2.   Hire Some Help

If you’re moving into a new home, you probably want to get in and get settled as soon as possible, but what happens if your new home isn’t as clean as you’d hoped it would be?

Hiring professional cleaners in those first few days might be well worth the money if it means that your home will get that deep clean it needs. This can be especially helpful for cigarette odour removal, which can be particularly tricky if you’re not a professional.

3.    Load The First Week With Small Tasks

You’ll be a little overwhelmed when you first move into your new house. Nevertheless, you’ll want to get your new rooms under control as soon as possible. Start small with something like dusting the surfaces of your furniture and window sills, then move on to scrubbing floors. Leave the deep cleaning for later on in the week as that’s likely to be more time-consuming.

4.    Use Your Resources Wisely

For most families moving house, friends and family will be on hand to help in the first week or so. This is the perfect time to put them to work doing the cleaning for you, freeing up more time for you and your family to do other things like unpacking.

5.    Find the Best Way To Tackle Every Room

Every house is different, so it’s important to figure out the best way of cleaning your new home in order to save time. Use your imagination and think about how you can make cleaning as efficient as possible!

6.    Use Daily Management To Keep On Top Of Things

In the first few days living in your new home, aim to break down each room into manageable chunks. For instance, if you clean the corner where the bookshelf is going to live, dust off the shelves, and then unpack the books. You can keep on top of both the cleaning and the unpacking.

7.    Make the most of apps

There are lots of apps according to Forbes and spreadsheets that are dedicated to household chore lists. These are really helpful if you don’t know where to start or how to clean certain parts of the house! In addition, if you have helpers, they can refer to this too without asking you what needs doing.

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