A Guide To Choosing A Coffee Machine

A Guide To Choosing A Coffee Machine

choosing a coffee machine

As professional home organisers, one of our passions is choosing belongings that bring us joy as well as functionality. Let’s consider coffee machines. You have so much choice when choosing a coffee machine nowadays. As the machines have developed, there are hundreds of models with many different functions and abilities for producing coffee. Some can only produce one type of coffee while others can tackle multiple, so your ideal coffee machine will depend on your preferences.

Here we have some tips on how you can choose the best coffee machine for you. We haven’t focused on any brands, so you can find more about branded coffee machines at https://portafilter.net/jura-coffee-machines/.

Coffee Machine Types

There are four main types of coffee machines that you will need to consider. Here’s a rundown of them and the types of coffee they produce.


Bean-to-cup machines take coffee beans directly, bringing the coffee shop experience into your own household. These machines have devices that automatically grind coffee beans for every cup of coffee that you make, delivering a fresh cup at the touch of a button. To do this, it also heats the water and milk to be the ideal temperature for the coffee you’re making.

Some machines have built-in milk containers and the ability to remember your favorite drinks. By programming your favorite drinks into the device, you can make coffee your way without having to press the same old buttons.


Just like bean-to-cup coffee machines, espresso machines can also help you make barista-grade coffee in the comfort of your own home. While bean-to-cup devices make a more rounded cup of coffee, espresso machines instead turn ground coffee into a shot of espresso. While it is smaller, it’s much more powerful and great for a quick and energizing boost.

The good espresso machines will also come with a steamer or a milk froth device that can turn the drinks it makes into a cappuccino (or at least add some nifty art on the drink). Some models also have a grinder built-in, so you can buy whole beans and not ground ones.


Filter coffee machines are the best option for those who are going to make a lot of coffee. Yep, you’re coffee habits are relevant when choosing a coffee machine. The average filter machine can handle twelve cups of coffee at a time and can keep them warm for several minutes. If you’re planning on serving coffee for a group event or for a workplace, filter machines are the best.

They work by mixing ground coffee and water and then passing it through a filter. Along with refilling the coffee and water, the filters also need to be swapped out when they’ve been used too much. Besides that, they don’t produce a lot of mess and a lot of them have non-drip systems so that no coffee is wasted.


Pod coffee machines are the fastest, so they’re great for those who are in a rush. They work through special pods that are full of coffee and other necessary ingredients. Those pods are loaded into the machine, which then runs hot water through them and delivers the mixture right into your cup.

You may be limited by which pods you can get, so choosing the brand of coffee machine is important, and the repeat purchases may be more expensive than just buying coffee beans/ground coffee. Pod machines tend to be the smallest too, so they can slot into even the most compact of kitchens.


Differences In Coffee

Not every coffee machine serves the same kind of coffee, so you should know how coffee is different before you finish choosing a coffee machine.

Here are a few simple facts that can help you determine whether you prefer instant coffee or ground coffee.

  • Ground coffee is made from coffee beans while instant coffee is pre-brewed coffee that is cooled and dried.


  • Instant coffee dissolves completely in liquids while ground coffee will leave some leftover solids.


  • Ground coffee has more caffeine than instant coffee, most of the time.


  • Instant coffee is often cheaper, though this can sacrifice coffee quality.


  • Ground coffee takes longer to brew than other types of coffee.


With the information that we’ve covered above, you should have no trouble choosing a coffee machine that work best for you.

When deciding on which machine to buy, you should consider how you like your coffee, how fast you want the coffee, how many people you’ll be making coffee for, and how much clean-up you want to do afterward.

Once you have considered all of these, you should find a machine within your budget that you can afford, factoring in repeat purchases too.

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