Need A Declutter Service For Your House In London?

Do you always feel like clutter is closing in on you? Does your home never feel truly tidy and well-organised?

In that case, you could benefit from a decluttering service and a professional organiser to help improve your lifestyle and help you feel clearer both physically and mentally.

If you always make the same new year’s resolution to get rid of clutter and become tidier, A Tidy Mind can make it happen in 2020- we help a wide range of clients in London, Yorkshire, the West Midlands and Cotswolds to transform the way they live for the better.

As our name suggests, we’re dedicated to creating not only tidy homes and businesses but tidier minds.

Our qualified coach and organiser Craig works throughout London and Essex and can help you deal with both that physical and mental clutter.

Whether you struggle to organise your home office or want to learn how to keep a home tidy when you have a pet, Craig is keen to help you at any stage of a project. Working with pets is one of his specialities and he once founded an animal charity when he was younger, so has plenty of experience with animals.

If you need a house decluttering service in London, simply get in touch with A Tidy Mind today.

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