Searching For A Professional Declutterer In Coventry?

Do you suspect you might suffer from a hoarding disorder? Or perhaps you have hidden clutter in your garage or attic you need to get rid of?

If you’ve ever seen Channel 4’s programme Britain’s Biggest Hoarders you’ll know how bad this type of problem can become. A hoarding disorder can be difficult to treat as the person often won’t admit to having a problem. If you have recognised you need help, that’s the first big step taken!

Who are we?

A Tidy Mind are professional declutterers that work in a variety of locations, including Coventry. Whether you struggle to organise paperwork or your hoarding has got out of control, our experts are passionate about helping people become more organised.

Clutter is the enemy of productivity and has been proven to have a negative effect on your mental health. In fact, many mental health conditions have been linked to hoarding, including depression and anxiety. It has also been linked to self-neglect. For example, people who had a deprived childhood can often suffer from this problem.

Some people need professional coaching in order to bring about permanent changes to their lifestyle.

How do I know I need a professional declutter in Coventry?

People come to us for all sorts of reasons, not just those who have severe hoarding disorders. Whether you feel your clutter is interfering with your everyday life or is negatively affecting your quality of life, A Tidy Mind is keen to help.

Why not find out more about our professional declutters today?

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