Why Choose Our Professional Decluttering Service?

Do you feel constantly feel overwhelmed by clutter and mess?

Whether you’re based in South London, Yorkshire, the North Cotswolds or West Midlands, A Tidy Mind offer a professional decluttering service.

We are highly experienced in this field and provide highly competitive prices for all our services, including a free consultation before you decide whether to commit. Clients also get free lifetime access to a range of online organisational planners and checklists.

Our team always treat people as individuals and will work at a pace that suits you. We’ll never throw anybody in the deep end!

Using a decluttering service will benefit your life in more ways than one.

Making your home a less cluttered place will make you feel calmer and more content. Meanwhile a messy home is well-known to make people feel anxious, stressed and confused.

Whether you have a problem with hoarding or have suffered a bereavement and are struggling to clear out the home, we are sensitive to all kinds of issues. Our team are great listeners, highly empathetic, and are here to empower you, enabling you to reclaim control of your life and learn new skills at the same time.

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