Cost Of House Refurbishment: Understanding The Expenses

cost of refurbishment

If you look at the home trends, Refurbishment requirements and customizations have been sky-high for people. During the coronavirus pandemic outbreak of 2020, the cost of building materials has been high. However, homeowners are still soaring high on improving their homes. A dual benefit in it includes comfort and a high return on investments. 

The market graph shows that the lumber prices have been waived off recently. The trends still suggest that the home Refurbishment business is expanding. Also, they are reaching their maximum potential. 

So, when you talk about home refurbishments, there are some things that you have to consider. Let’s discuss the same. 

Costing For Refurbishments 

When you plan to do home refurbishment in London, you should be aware of the numerous factors that dictate this idea. So, the best way is to stick to the excellent rule of thumb. It should especially be followed when considering home Refurbishment prices. When you hire a general contractor, the available price is anything between £15 to £120. The price is valid for one square foot. But there are other stories that you have to know. 

Factors Affecting The Refurbishment Cost

Different factors determine the final pricing. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • The hire 
  • The location and its property trends 
  • The time of the year and market condition 
  • The market demand 

The entire home Refurbishment can go even beyond £250,000. However, the prices will be lower if you are doing the upgrades in parts. However, the final amount depends on the refurbishment requirements. For example, if only part of the home, you can think of renovating single rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or floor-wise Refurbishments. 

Making The Right Budget For Home Refurbishments

Planning and budgeting are essential steps people should take to ensure the success of any ongoing or upcoming project. The size of the project, whether you want to go for a full-space Refurbishment or partly, and other factors like the condition of the existing place are essential factors that you must consider while beginning the Refurbishment. However, such determinations are tricky and should be made carefully. 

The best place to begin the Refurbishment is by estimating the current value of your home or getting it done by a professional if required. When planning the upgrades, remember that such processes come with a different price tag for one room. However, if you are doing the kitchen or bathroom remodeling, the expenditure should be at least 10% of your home’s estimated value. But you have to know that kitchen Refurbishments are costly. If the kitchen is not in good condition, the expenditure can be increased and reach 15% of the estimated value of your home. 

Factors To Consider While Planning The Refurbishments 

If you can get the ballpark estimations, it is a good thing. You will be in a better position to know about the Refurbishment costs. Also, you should start planning early and consider the following factors during the process: 

  • You should make a list mentioning the needs and wants of the project. 
  • You should know and consider your financing options. 
  • You should consider the material costs and know if there is anything that you can do by yourself. 
  • You should contact your contractor and get the estimated prices for the required work. 
  • The costing should include the figures related to clean-up and post-refurbishment landscaping amounts, amongst others. 
  • You can consider the ROI potential for different projects and the whole project. 
  • It would help if you calculated the temporary relocation expenditure that can occur during the construction work. However, there is no hard and fast rule. Such spending might not happen. 
  • Also, there can be some unexpected expenses, so you should keep some funds aside. 

Tips On Saving Money During Home Refurbishments 

You might have heard about different deal breakers regarding home Refurbishments. A quoted price by the dealers may or may not have the potential to make the thing for you. You will be happy to know that there are various ways to reduce the expenditure on Refurbishments. Also, you can bring down the Refurbishment costs. The savings in this context might not be extravagant, but they are certainly considerable.

Such savings and protection against property will help you move ahead with the project and do small things that might be required at some point during the project. 

Sometimes, the Refurbishment prices are still out of reach based on your budgeting goals. In such cases, you should compare the ongoing things you need as a part of the project. These comparisons are healthy, and they will help you make qualitative decisions. 

Cost Considerations When Moving Out During Home Refurbishments 

Moving out means you have to leave the home temporarily during the reconstruction. The cost considerable when you plan to move out of the house to fulfill the refurbishment requirements are as follows: 

  • The size or elaboration of the project 
  • The accommodation costs 
  • The Refurbishment speed
  • Your health 

Further, when you plan to go for a whole house remodel, here are some things you must consider for a better decision, process, and output. They are discussed as follows: 

The first thing to understand during this process is that your home will be rendered unusable during the Refurbishment. If the answer is no, you should not think of relocating at any cost. If a comfortable option for moving is available, and your budget allows the same, you can choose to move out of the house temporarily. 

You can let your home stuff rest over there if temporary storage is available. You can consider these things in the planning stages and have a word related to the same with your contractor. 

Also, the Refurbishment places can be hazardous because of the potential physical problems that can arise and the dust and other airborne particles. Hence, you should relocate if you think you can experience some physical ailment because of such things. It is a significant step and will help you protect your health during the ongoing projects. 


So, whenever you plan to restore or renovate your home or any part of it, you should calculate the costs to avoid any difficulty. Budget preparation involves different factors, and you should consider them for a seamless practice. It is a great idea when you plan to keep some money aside for some miscellaneous expenses. Also, hidden costs should be noticed at all prices. All these things will help you understand the fees and implement reasonable steps based on the same understanding. 

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