Could decluttering help you sell in a slowing property market?

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There is little doubt that the post-covid property bubble has burst. In the UK, prices dropped by 1.4% in November and are forecast fall significantly further in 2023. Higher mortgage interest rates and sky-high inflation are squeezing buyer affordability and creating a great deal of caution in the market.

Decluttering your home has many benefits. But could decluttering help you sell in a slowing property market. We believe decluttering it could make the difference between attracting a buyer or the property sitting on the market unsold.

Fast house sale expert Danny Luke says:

“There’s a huge amount of caution in the property market as we move into 2023. Buyer demand has dropped off very quickly following the mini-budget and resulting economic turmoil. Mortgage interest rates have risen incredibly quickly. And buyers are suddenly finding hundreds of pounds being added to their monthly repayments. For many would-be buyers, the market changes have completely quashed their desire to move. Those who are still considering buying have had to readjust their budgets and are very nervous of paying over the odds and then finding themselves in negative equity.

If you are hoping to sell your property in the next year, it’s imperative that it’s priced attractively and looking its very best to attract a buyer. A cluttered house is very difficult to sell, as buyers struggle to envisage themselves and their own belongings in the property. Clutter will also make a property look and feel smaller. This isn’t something you want in a depressed market.

Decluttering your home will not only help you to attract a buyer, it will also assist you in considering what sort of property you would like to move to and how much space you need. Packing up and moving is also quicker and easier if you know you’ve already streamlined and organised your belongings.”

How could decluttering help you sell your house?

  • Make your home more attractive to buyers

A well-organised home will always feel more spacious to potential buyers. You, of course, don’t want your home to feel characterless. So, don’t turn it into an empty box, but a lack of clutter will always boost a property’s saleability. You’re selling a lifestyle, not just a property. Make sure that lifestyle is aspirational.

  • Help prospective buyers to envisage their own possessions in the property

Removing your own clutter presents more of a blank canvas to prospective buyers. In turn this will help them to envisage where their own belongings might fit.

  • Help you assess your needs for your next home

Decluttering will give you the opportunity to take stock of your belongings. It’s amazing how much clutter we can accumulate over a relatively short period of time. Decluttering and organising your things will help you to understand how much room you need. And what sort of layout might work well for you in your next home.

  • Make packing and easier and less stressful process

Organising and decluttering your belongings before you sell your property will help to make the packing process much more simple and stress-free. You won’t need to do any ‘sorting’ as part of the packing process. Therefore you will be able to break it down into smaller, bite-size chunks.

  • Make unpacking in your new home a more structured and organised process

Unpacking in your new home will also be much easier and less chaotic. Each box will be clearly defined and you’ll be able to unpack a box at a time. This ensures your new home is equally as well-organised and decluttered as your current home.

Are you overwhelmed and need hands on help to declutter your home? A Tidy Mind organisers cover most of the UK. Check out our locations page for details of your nearest organiser. You may also like to read our client testimonials.

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