From Classic to Contemporary: Exploring the Latest Trends in Door Design

door design

From your current home style to modern trends, doors have gone through a series of upgrades overtime. They’ve evolved over the past few years, with modern trends likely to stick around for a while. Here are some of the most popular options in terms of door design and interior design.

Dark colored doors for contrast

Dark colored doors will always feel bold. It’s not all about style, but about statement. They’ll stand out and add style to most types of rooms. Black is the most common option, especially in ultra-modern homes based on a black and white theme.

However, other options are also accepted if they can match the décor, such as dark green or perhaps navy. If you’re upgrading from light colored internal doors, you’ll see the difference straight away.

Contrary to most beliefs, black doors are not suitable for dark rooms only, but they’ll also add a bit of contrast to neutral or light themed doors.

Sliding doors for a limited space

Sliding doors are popular with a purpose. They’re ideal in rooms without too much space. Whether the room is small or it’s overcrowded with furniture, sliding doors can definitely help.

However, sliding doors are also about style and convenience. They’re not as popular as other types of doors, so they’ll stand out straight away.

They’re more commonly used in bathrooms and bedrooms. They can allow light in when fully opened, but they also offer privacy when closed.

Pocket doors for convenience

Similar to sliding doors, pocket doors make a good choice of door design for rooms with limited space. They’ll save space, offering extra square footage. After all, it’s not like you have to leave anything empty around them due to their opening range.

The concept is quite modern, too, and it’s widely appreciated in contemporary homes. They slide into walls, so they don’t require more space. However, they’re not suitable for all rooms. At the end of the day, it depends on the types of walls you have.

Frosted glass doors are here to stay

Frosted glass doors are not new at all. They’ve been, however, through a plethora of changes overtime. It’s the design, overall appearance, and material around them that makes the difference.

From this point of view, they’re suitable for all kinds of homes. But at this point, you need to pay attention to the overall style.

All in all, frosted glass doors offer limited privacy, while allowing extra light inside rooms or hallways. If you want something that will stay in trends for ages, this is the best option.

Bigger is better

Everything seems to get bigger these days. Cars are bigger, houses are bigger, roads are wider, you name it. Well, the same trend applies to doors too. And while it’s new when it comes to interior design, it’s a timeless investment that will bring great rewards overtime.

When it comes to doors, the secret is in the actual width. You don’t need extra thickness or height, but just width for a proper fashion statement.

Wide doors have started gaining popularity in 2022 and make a bold statement because they open up the space. They provide more visual space with their size as well, even if it’s only an optical illusion.

Indeed, they’re more difficult to get than standard doors because such sizes are not very popular. However, with their growing popularity, chances are they’ll become the norm at some point.

Glass doors for ultra-modern homes

Glass doors come in more shapes and sizes. Now, a glass door will inevitably make you think of a business. Perhaps your dentist’s front door is made of glass, or maybe your favorite local shop has one of these.

Glass doors are also associated with modern offices, hence their popularity in contemporary homes.

They allow light to travel freely everywhere. They’re ideal for dark or small rooms, but they also add to the style. They offer a seamless transition between rooms and hallways.

On a side note, they don’t offer privacy whatsoever, so they’re mostly suitable for social rooms, rather than bedrooms.

Other than that, you can opt for full glass doors, which are ultra-modern, as well as glass doors with wooden frames, which are suitable for more styles.

Barn doors, from farms to modern homes

Barn doors have always been associated with… Well, barns. They’re common in farmhouses, barns, country homes, and traditional places. But then, surprisingly for some, they’ve made their way into ultra-modern homes as well.

A minimalist home based on black and white themes will always do well with a barn door. It can be modern as well, but only if you keep it simple. Besides, if your house is colorless, you can let the barn door reveal its natural wood grains for a bit of color.

If colors are not your things, black is probably the best option, as white can be considered dull for a modern home.

Dutch doors, all about style

Dutch doors may not be as popular as other types of doors, but they won’t go out of fashion too soon. They’re quite unique, and they stand out by being split in two. Each half opens and closes individually, so you have the freedom to make adjustments.

You can let some light or air in while still maintaining a bit of privacy, for example.

All in all, their design can add some style to any room, hence their growing popularity.

Rustic doors in modern homes? Absolutely!

Rustic doors are not made for farmhouses and cottages only, but they’re just as common in modern homes these days. Similar to barn doors, they follow the same trends. They would look normal in a traditional home, but they would stand out in a modern one.

They add character to a room and can match more color themes.

In the end, deciding on the perfect door is not all about trends, but also about what suits your home style and preferences.

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