Extend the life of your stuff – 3 ways to extend the life of your laptop

While desktop computers with their massive towers used to be the bulky monstrosities that we would make room for in our homes, nowadays we prefer a sleeker laptop. These mobile devices are small, lightweight and easy to use. They are as powerful and fast as any desktop. If you have a laptop, the chances are that you are pretty rough with it. While tough, they can suffer injuries. However, these needn’t mean a costly visit to the laptop repair shop. Take a look at these three laptop problems that are incredibly common. You can fix them yourself!

Cracked Laptop Casing

If you drop your laptop from even the smallest height, you could risk a crack in its casing. You might be tempted to send it to a laptop repair shop to replace the entire case, or you might just live with it risking it becoming weaker and weaker. Instead of either of these options, consider fixing it yourself – it’s not that hard and costs around £20. Firstly, ensure your laptop is clean and dry. Then get yourself some epoxy putty and make it malleable by warming it up in your hands. Place the putty, bit by bit, into the crack, with the aim of filling the hole created by the missing section of casing. Wipe off any excess putty and smooth the edges. Wait for three or four hours and then the putty will be hardened. Sand it to make it super smooth and consider a quick respray if the crack was large.

Dodgy Laptop Camera

When considering how to fix a camera on Mac that’s not working, check out the wide range of troubleshooting blogs to find the exact model of Mac that you have. However, the essentials remain the same. The easiest thing to do is to reset your Mac’s system controller. This way Skype and Facetime and other apps that use your camera will have their settings reset. When the laptop is switched off but the charger is in, hold down the Shift, Ctrl and Option keys before releasing them after twenty seconds or so. With any luck, the camera issue will be resolved.

Scratched Screen

While a scratched screen won’t necessarily affect the functionality of your laptop, it can be one of the most annoying faults that can occur when trying to work. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, that tiny scratch will bug you. Grab some toothpaste and gently rub a pea sized amount into the scratch. As long as it’s not a deep set rip through the screen, a few seconds of circular motions can lift the scratch. Wipe off the excess with a microfibre cloth and rub over with an anti-bacterial wipe. This can save you a small fortune if you don’t fancy replacing an entire set of inverter electronics and a screen.

Buying a laptop is expensive, so you want to make sure that you buy a reliable machine. Any faults or errors that occur need to be cheap to fix. Follow this guide and maintain your laptop without a visit to the repair shop.

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