7 Exciting Ideas for Revamping Your Front Entrance Door

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Revamping the front entrance door is one of the easiest ways to boost the curb appeal of your property. The front door is a focal point of your home. When it stands out, so will the rest of your home. 

Updating your door style is an effective way to improve the first impression about your home you make on other people, increase the home’s value, improve appearance, and allow you to enjoy your home a little bit more.

How can you revamp your front entrance door? Let your creative juices flow and your ideas will come to life. This list of six simple ideas can help you get started.

If you can think it, you can use the idea to revamp your front entrance door, although implementing some of your wildest ideas may not be as feasible as others. Use the following ideas to revamp your door and create more curb appeal.

  • Update the Door Color

A fresh coat of paint applied to the front door makes a powerful statement. Choose a bold and bright color for a head-turning pop that instantly gives life to the front of your home while boosting its curb appeal.

Painting your front entrance door is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to dramatically impact the appeal and style of your door. 

Create superior ambiance and appeal using one of these popular exterior door colors:

  • Red, when you want a house that stands out in the neighborhood
  • Yellow, when you want a happy-go-lucky feeling starting outside your home that carries to the inside
  • Slate blue, for an instant boost to the home’s value and brings forth a feeling of nature’s goodness

Choose a color that compliments your current home’s palette and your preferred aesthetics for a refreshed dose of personality in your home.

  • Maintain Your Lawn

A well-manicured lawn draws eyes to your front door -and keeps unwanted pests away.  Maintaining the front exterior of your home is essential if you want others to enjoy your property and gain a positive impression of your family. Trimming grass is the best way to maintain your lawn, but many other ideas can also draw eyes your way.

  • Keep trash and debris cleared from the front lawn, particularly around the doorway/entrance
  • Do not allow clutter to fester around the front of your home
  • Plant colorful flowers around the porch near the front entrance door

Maintaining the lawn is fairly simple and has a dramatic effect on your home’s overall appeal and comfort. You will love how well the lawn looks when it is maintained.

  • Add Decorative Glass Inserts

Decorative glass front door inserts allow more natural lighting into your home and amplify its exterior appeal. Glass inserts come in dozens upon dozens of styles, ensuring everyone has options that meet their needs.  From frosted glass to stained glass to full-length glass, and decorative pieces, decorative glass inserts do wonders for any property.

  • Replace Your Front Entrance Door

In many situations, replacing the front entrance door is the easiest, most affordable way to revamp its style and your home’s curb appeal. Starting with a new palette allows you to bring your ideas to life and create a front entrance more appealing to your family.

Replacing your front door is a decision that can enhance your home’s aesthetics and security. If you’re considering an upgrade or a replacement, you might find options on the Value Doors website worth exploring.

The most common signs suggesting it is time to replace your front door:

  • Door is weatherized
  • Visible cracks 
  • You’re unhappy with the door’s style
  • Lacks security
  • Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting illuminates the exact elements you want others to see. With a plethora of lighting options available, you can easily highlight your front entrance and your beautiful new door, or other areas of the front of your home and bring them to life.

When the sun goes down, outdoor lighting accentuates the style and appeal you want for the front of your home.

Pick from a variety of outdoor lighting styles to evoke the charm you want outside of your home. Outdoor lighting options that can enhance your front entrance door include:

  • Lanterns
  • Garden lights
  • LED door lights
  • Step lights
  • Flood lights

If adding exquisite style to the front of your home was not a big enough benefit, outdoor lighting also enhances the security and safety of your property.

  • Add Decorative Hardware

One of the simplest ways to revamp a front entrance door is with updated hardware. Replace hinges, handles, knobs, and screws and your door instantly comes to life with aesthetic brilliance.

Stainless steel hardware works best when you want you seek modern appeal while bronze works best for rustic and antique styles.  Brass truly is the most versatile material for hardware as it appeals to an array of styles and creates a timeless elegance.

  • Maintain Your Front Door

Any area of your house looks better when it is maintained, including your front entrance door. Most door maintenance is relatively easy and quick and certainly gives your front entrance more appeal. 

Maintain your front door using the following tips:

  • Dust the front door weekly
  • Clean window glass weekly
  • Polish the door once per season
  • Check the door’s weatherstripping, and replace as needed
  • Touch up paint perfectly remedies a weathering door

Benefits of Revamping Your Door

Whether you choose a replacement, give it a fresh coat of paint or use other ideas to revamp your front door, the benefits of doing so are pretty staggering. When you revamp your front entrance door, expect benefits, like:

  • Create a unique, head-turning style
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Make a more positive impression on neighbors
  • Add value to your home

A Beautiful New Front Entrance Awaits

Revamping your front door is ideal when you want a new and improved style and to make a good impression in the neighborhood. Use one or more ideas from this list to boost curb appeal and your overall happiness with your home.


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