Give Your House a Healthy Refresh Using These Tips

Refreshing your home can mean many things, from tackling a small DIY backsplash project in the kitchen to doing a full-scale renovation. And making these changes can be beneficial in several ways. If you’ve felt like your home doesn’t accurately reflect your taste or want to revive a particular room and update it, it’s essential to think about the details. Here are a few tips on how to get started. And give your house a healthy refresh, courtesy of A Tidy Mind.

Give Your House a Healthy Refresh

Consider how to boost your home’s value.

On the long list of things you can do to refresh your home, quite a few will benefit you years down the road. These things can boost the value and increase sales price should you move. If you think a move may come sooner rather than later, look for updated ideas that you’re sure buyers in your area will be interested in. These vary, but in most cases, kitchen and bathroom upgrades are two wins every time. Check out the average costs for these changes, and save receipts. Plus, take photos before and after to quantify the update once your home is on the market.

Something else to remember: since home updates can boost your home’s value, you must keep certain receipts. An excellent way to stay organised is by digitising your files and keeping them all in one place. You can easily combine PDF files using this free tool, saving you many headaches down the road.


Add quality ceiling fans.

You don’t have to go huge with a significant remodel. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Adding quality ceiling fans is an excellent example since these can change the look of a room while providing improved air circulation and cooling things down. Also, you can change the direction of the blades in winter to push warm air down from the ceiling. This can help you cut heating costs – especially if the fan is Energy Star-certified. The time or cost of installing a ceiling fan will vary depending on the type of fan or the materials you’ll need. And whether you have to install wiring as well. It’s best to call an electrician if wiring is required, as it can be dangerous to DIY.

Give yourself a space to relax.

You don’t always have to add something to your space to improve it. Sometimes, it’s just as effective to move some things around, clean up, and declutter. Getting rid of items you no longer need can help boost your mental health. Rearranging furniture can create a relaxing spot that can help you practise self-care when needed. Give yourself a reading nook beside the window so you can soak up some vitamin D. Or make room to practice yoga/meditation after a long day at work.

Make your spaces look more prominent.

If your spaces are small, or if you want to refresh a basement room that feels closed in, you can tackle several DIY projects to improve things a bit. While you can try rearranging furniture, something that can help is to give the walls a fresh coat of paint in a lighter colour. Or to hang mirrors to give the illusion that the space has more light. You can also hang long curtains to “lengthen” the walls.

Updating your home can mean many things, from installing a ceiling fan to updating the bathroom. So think about which projects make the most sense for you and whether you can do them yourself or if you’ll need help from a pro. Work out a realistic budget and keep track of every purchase if you sell down the road.

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