Have You Thought About How Curtains Can Impact a Space?

When you are looking to change the overall feel of a space, do you go for texture? Temperature? Or do you completely redecorate? When you are looking to make massive changes to a living space, such as the bedroom or living room, the one thing that you may not have considered is the one thing that can turn the environment around, without having to change everything in the space. And it’s something most of us need, especially at night.

The one thing that looms large in your living space is your curtains. Your curtains will have a direct impact on the light and shade of the room but it will also dictate the ambience. Hanging curtains isn’t just about threading it through and letting it hang; there is a wide variety of drapery dexterity involved. It depends on the type of fabric you have but also the length of the curtains in conjunction with the curtain panels, the choices you make in terms of your curtains will completely change the feel of a living space. Curtains are not just a way to insulate but they can invigorate a space, change the feel, and make a living space more than the sum of its parts. 

If you’ve never thought about how great an impact curtains can have on your living space, take a look at the infographic below to see how you should hang curtains to achieve the best results to impact the overall feel of the space and jazz up any dull room in the home. 

Infographic Design By Fabric Direct Online Fabric Direct Online

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