How to Calculate Gutter Cleaning Costs: 6 Factors That Come Into Play

gutter cleaning

Gutters are very helpful in controlling the rain runoff from a home’s roof. A good gutter system directs the rain away from a home’s siding and foundation to a place the water will do no harm. But, gutter systems do need regular maintenance. If they are neglected, gutters can fill with leaves, twigs, and other debris. As the gutters fill with debris, they become less effective in controlling water runoff. But, climbing up on a ladder to clean a gutter is not a pleasant job. Hire a gutter maintenance company to come once a year to three times a year as needed. This will ensure the gutters is manageable and cost effective.

What Does Gutter Cleaning Involve?

To clean a gutter, a homeowner must climb up on a ladder to reach the gutter. Then, the person must use a tool of some sort to scoop out the debris that has built up in the gutter. This debris can include leaves, dirt, twigs and insects. As well as small animals, mold, mildew, plants, and more. When the bulk of the mess is removed, the next step will be using a vacuum or hose to completely clean the gutters.

This whole process can be messy and take a lot of time. If there is a lot of debris and it is dropped on the ground near the house, it can leave a mess to clean up later. The siding can be stained and streaked with the debris that is removed from the gutters. In addition, being up on a ladder can be risky. Ladders can fall over or lean against the gutter, damaging it. The person on the ladder can fall and be injured.

If the homeowner tries to clean the gutters using a vacuum device or a hose and pressure from the ground, cleaning may be incomplete. Also, the siding can be damaged by the runoff. The gutter cleaning is one homeowner’s job that is best left to professionals who have the latest equipment for doing the job effectively. And without damaging the house or leaving a mess on the ground. If the gutter shows damage or wear, the gutter cleaning company can repair it

Why Hire A Professional to Clean Your Gutters?

The temptation to clean your own gutters and save money can lead to wasted time or even injury from falling off the roof or a ladder while doing the job. Not everyone has the skill, physical ability, tools, and time to clean their home’s gutter system effectively. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning company has advantages.

  1. They have the special equipment to make short work of cleaning gutters. Guru Gutter Cleaning has invented a cleaning system including gutter vacuum trucks.
  2. The professional cleaners have all the training and experience to get the job done effectively and quickly.
  3. Professional gutter cleaning companies don’t leave a mess behind that damages siding, cars, or other property near the house.
  4. There is less chance of the gutters or roof being damaged since cleaning the roof with equipment from the ground cuts out the use of ladders or walking on the roof.
  5. Gutter cleaning companies are licensed and insured for everyone’s protection.
  6. The homeowner can be doing other things while someone else cleans the gutters. This may be a better use of their time and energy.

What Affects The Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Not all houses and gutter systems are the same and so the cost of cleaning gutters can vary from house to house. The things that affect this cost include:

  • The home’s height affects the cost because a one-story house’s gutters are easier to access than a two- or three-story house’s gutters
  • The linear feet of the gutter to clean will affect the cost, which may be determined by the linear foot.
  • Whether the gutter is seamless or has seams makes a difference, especially if the gutter needs repairs.
  • The condition of the gutter system will impact the cost of cleaning and repairs.
  • The number of downspouts will impact the cost of gutter cleaning. If there are gutter guards or screens to work around, the service will cost more. If gutter guards need to be installed, it will cost more.
  • The amount of debris in the gutter can affect cleaning costs and the length of time between needed services.
  • If the house is on a slope or hard to access for gutter cleaning, it will add to the cost.
  • Where the house is located can affect the cost depending on local labor costs, and the number of gutter cleaning services available in relation to the demand might affect the job costs.
  • The season you hire a gutter cleaning company can affect the cost. Check into which season has the most reasonable cost.

The experts estimate that a gutter cleaning job will cost between $118.00 and $224.00, with the cost being determined by the linear feet of gutter at $0.80 and factoring in the number of downspouts involved.

How to Save Money On gutter Cleaning Costs

The homeowner can reduce their yearly gutter cleaning costs in several ways, including having the job done regularly so the debris doesn’t build up. Trimming nearby trees back so they do not hang over the roof and drop twigs and leaves into the gutters will save money. Having new gutters with screens or gutter guards installed can reduce the frequency of cleaning and ensure the gutters do a better job of controlling roof runoff.

If you own a home with damaged or no gutters, it is time to contact a gutter service company to install new gutters and downspouts to control water runoff and protect the home foundation. Uncontrolled rain runoff can damage the siding and the house’s foundation over time. In addition, a house with no gutter system will be harder to sell when it is time to move.

A home with a neglected gutter system that is full of debris can attract insects and small animals that will make homes in the gutters, further blocking them. This will cause water to back up and damage the roof itself. The weight of the debris that has collected can make the gutters sag. The collected debris can cause mold and mildew to grow, damaging the house and creating a threat to the inhabitants of the home.

Every home should have a gutter system in good repair, and it should be cleaned regularly.

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