How To Choose A Towel Radiator For Your Home

towel radiator

Radiators are no longer a simple necessity in the home. Many of us are using them as a modern centrepiece, or as a way of making our homes look a little sleeker and on-trend. At A Tidy Mind, we believe functional items in your home can also be beautiful and reflect your style. Towel radiators are some of the most popular radiators that are used in both kitchens and bathrooms. And it’s easy to see why. They provide effective heating in various widths and heights so you can benefit from a warm and cosy environment no matter the wall space.

Did you know that the finish of your radiator may have an impact on how effectively it heats a room? From chrome to anthracite, to coloured. Read on as we take a closer look at how the finish of your towel rail could impact the way you heat your home.

Chrome towel radiators

Chrome is one of the most popular finishes when it comes to towel radiators. They can be found in many new homes across the country. They are a particularly good choice if you are looking to modernise a room. And because they are available in various heights and widths, they can fit any space, whether in your kitchen or your bathroom. If you want to get the most from your radiator and heat a room effectively whilst saving on your heating bills, a chrome radiator may not be the best choice. Chrome radiators have a layer that forms a barrier between the radiator and the room. So, shiny finishes tend to emit less heat than other options, which brings us to our next finish.

Anthracite radiators

You may be familiar with the anthracite finish of a radiator. It is dark grey in colour and matt finished. When an anthracite towel radiator is added to a room, it adds a sleek and modern look. It often fits in with most aesthetics and changing the way you see your radiators. Gone are the days of plain, white column radiators with this modern design. It is said that matt-finished radiators are more efficient and give off more heat than a shiny finish. And as we learnt above, this is true! Opting for an anthracite radiator rather than a reflective finished radiator means you can benefit from more efficient heating, wherever you choose to feature it.

Black towel radiators

Coloured radiators are becoming common features within the modern home as we move away from the idea that radiators must be plain and simple. They can be a feature rather than just a necessity. There are radiators in all colours, whether you prefer a vibrant colour, a soothing shade or something that looks a little sleeker, like black or grey. Black conducts the heat better than other colours, so some may say that a black towel rail means more efficient heating. However, black simply retains heat better than the others and the difference between black and another colour would be minimal. If you are drying towels, maybe retaining heat is a factor worth noting – you can dry your towels quickly and easily.

Painted towel radiators

If you would like to give your current radiator a bit of a facelift, you could always choose to paint it yourself. It is worth thinking about whether a coat of paint would affect the output of your radiator. The type of paint that you choose is the most important consideration. If you choose metallic paint, you can probably infer from what we have discussed above that this is not the best finish for your radiator and could mean that you lose heat. There is very little risk of changing the output of your heating with a coat of non-metallic paint. A thin layer of your favourite colour shouldn’t change the efficiency of your towel radiator but could completely transform the look.


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