How to enjoy your outdoor spaces during winter

outdoor spaces

 As the days get colder and the nights get longer, you might feel tempted to spend all your time inside; and who would blame you? With so little coaxing you outside, you might find that you’ve spent a whole day without stepping foot outside your house.

However, when you consider that the cold months last half of the year, it’s not exactly healthy to live in hibernation for such a long period of time. With a little help from some beautiful outdoor lights, however, the brisk outdoors looks a lot more inviting. Here are some ways to transform your outdoor spaces so they can be enjoyed during winter too.

Install some heaters

If it’s the cold temperatures that are keeping you from spending time outside, deal with the problem by installing some heaters to make your outdoor spaces more comfortable. Luckily, there are all kinds of heaters that you can choose from.

From fire pits to gas lamps and electric heaters, you can easily eliminate the cold from your patio. And feel just as cosy outside as you would inside. Try and create an enclave or closed space so that the heat can be contained, and you can enjoy it for longer.

Opt for cosy seating

Nothing will get you outside quite like the prospect of sitting comfortably next to the firepit or heater. Make it as comfortable as possible with soft seating and plenty of pillows, throws and fuzzy blankets. You will create an outdoor oasis.

Place a coffee table or ottoman in the middle for added cosy vibes. You’ll be invited to enjoy a warm drink or glass of wine during a crisp, winter’s day or evening. You could even wrap some hot water bottles in your blankets to keep them warm for longer.

Install a beautiful light display

The thing that puts most people off winter the most is the darkness. Combat the short days with a light concept that tempts you outside. The aim is to make your patio or outdoor space as attractive and cosy as possible. So, play around with soft lanterns and fairy lights so you can enjoy it past 4pm!

Why not embrace the festive season whilst you’re at it? Enjoy Christmas outside with some outdoor Christmas lights. Whether it’s some light-up figurines, some twinkly lights or illuminated Christmas trees, enjoy the season inside and out!

Make it weather proof

Due to the higher chance of rain and snow during winter, it’s a good idea to install some kind of shelter. Investigate all kinds of gazebos, pergolas and canopies so that you can enjoy the sound of pattering rain whilst you enjoy an evening outside.

What’s more, it’s important to protect your outside furniture too, especially if there are lots of cushions and blankets at stake!


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