How To Equip A Garage? Top 3 Life Hacks For Drivers


The garage is an important place for a car lover. However, it should be understood that in fact a garage is not a mandatory investment. Before discussing the specifics of the arrangement of space in the garage, or how to equip a garage, maybe you do not need a garage at all! Such as in these situations:

There is no garage near the house. The meaning of a garage as a way of storing cars is lost if it is located far from home. Sometimes storage spaces are located remotely, and this is definitely a minus.

Lovers of cars for rent. It is certainly obvious that those drivers who prefer to travel by car for rent will definitely not need a garage. For many, by the way, this is a plus of car rental services. Why keep an eye on the garage if you can rent a car and regularly change car models for rent, enjoying the variety. It is especially popular and easy to rent a car in tourist places. Car rental services are really various and bright there. Customers of Prince rent a car of different models, colors and shapes. Thanks to the steep series of car rentals, drivers can not only save on the garage, but also make life easier and more comfortable.

Several cars. If the driver owns several cars or other family members also have cars, buying a garage is not the best idea. Each car has its own dimensions, service requests, which means that a single space will be cramped and inconvenient.

So, how best to organise your garage and make use of the space? A Tidy Mind share these tips below:

Zoning of the premises

For those who are working on their car, the first and most important step in the arrangement of the garage is the creation of a convenient workshop area. The most popular arrangement option is the removal of furniture, fixtures and tools to the back area of the room, to the wall opposite the gate.

In order to clearly separate the workplace and the location of the car, it is necessary to use partitions. What can be used to make partitions:

  • floor racks;
  • tarpaulin or other dense fabric that fixes on the grommets;
  • technical false walls.


Obviously, to store a car in the garage, it is necessary to comply with certain conditions. And if the car owner likes to spend a lot of time in the garage, then his comfort should be taken into account. It is necessary that the room is not cold and there is an overabundance of humidity. It is possible to provide the necessary conditions at the construction stage:

  • organize heat and waterproofing of the ceiling;
  • to remove the resulting water from condensate and accidentally trapped precipitation on the floor of the room, build gutters with access to the street;
  • to equip ventilation — for example, to create a natural hood, which can be built independently;
  • insulate the walls — this can be done both inside and outside with the help of foam, mineral wool, polyurethane foam, etc.

Observation pit

Continuing the theme of the working place, let’s talk about the observation pit. The arrangement of this important part of the garage must be done at the construction stage of the garage. We tell you what should be taken into account and provided for:

  • before you equip a pit, it is necessary to find out the level of groundwater;
  • the walls inside must be covered with a brick;
  • at the elbow level, it is worth building a small niche for the location of tools that are needed for work;
  • for safety reasons, a grid should be placed on the pit. You can buy it or make it yourself by calculating the size of the pit;
  • you should focus on your height and body shape, do not forget about the steps and stairs.

Let these tips on space arrangement become useful for you and create a space in the garage that is convenient for you. Use the tips properly and for the intended purpose and let the car always be only a joy! If you need help to declutter your garage before you organise it, check out this post.

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