How to finally sort your wardrobe

tidy wardrobe

Q. Why do I feel as though I have nothing to wear?

It’s crucial to see what you own. So when you open your wardrobe and drawers, can you see everything or is it a bit of a jumbled mess?No garment will look inspiring if it is crammed into a drawer or stuffed into a wardrobe.

Maximize space in and around your wardrobe and drawers. This means using every inch including extra shelves, hooks, more storage and shelves.

Present your wardrobe to yourself as the fabulous space it can be. Maybe you can add lights to the inside, fold things beautifully, colour code, have identical hangers or hang a ‘wow’ garment on a wall nearby as a centerpiece.

It’s worth looking after this space, as it has the power to make you feel good.

Q. Should I pack clothes & accessories away if not in use?

Yes – this can be sensible. If you have clothes which don’t fit but you would like to wear them again in the future (and are planning to change weight so that they fit) then pack them away because why would you want to see clothes that don’t fit in your wardrobe every day? Then focus on the present and clothes that make you feel fabulous as you are. Whilst you reach your weight target, you will still have been the best version of yourself. Or perhaps in the future you will love yourself just as you are and will let go of that bag of clothes that don’t fit.

If you have compact wardrobe and drawer space, pack away seasonal items. You don’t want beach wear distracting you in the winter. Use under the bed storage cases or vacuum bags to keep the dust off.

How can I maintain a tidy wardrobe?

Build in daily habits. Take time to return garments to their original places. At the end of each day, items which don’t go in the laundry can be hung back up or folded. This will prevent the ‘floordrobe’ or ‘chair clothes mountain’. DAILY habits are the key. Putting away a few things takes a minute whereas putting away days or weeks worth is a job you’re more likely to procrastinate over.

How can I avoid impulse buying?

Ask yourself a series of questions before you buy something:

Do I like in on the hanger or on me?

Does it suit my body shape?

Does the colour flatter my skintone?

Do I have at least 3 things to wear with it?

Do I have other similar items?

Will it be easy to maintain? (consider dry clean only etc)

If you have the tiniest doubt about at item, don’t buy it. Perhaps apply a ‘purchase pause’ if you’re unsure.

Remember, every time you make a decision to buy something, you need to store it, maintain it and look after it. You also have to wear it! Ask yourself whether it is good enough to earn a place in your wardrobe. Does it truly bring you joy and make you feel like the best version of yourself?

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