How to keep your home safe & secure

Everyone deserves home to be a safe, secure, sanctuary where they can fully relax and retreat from the world – keep your home safe.

keep home secure

I remember being the victim of a burglary years ago and it felt like that security had been violated, both literally and metaphorically.

But keeping your home safe from intruders shouldn’t have to be left to chance – there are plenty of deterrents that can reduce the threat of being burgled. Here are just a few security features worth investing in to keep intruders out.

Stay connected to your neighbours

Sadly, these days it’s not as common for neighbours to constantly look out for each other. But think about whether you could strengthen that connection. As well as better piece of mind when you go away, you could benefit from a stronger sense of community and comfort – when that’s on your own doorstep, it’s incredibly powerful.

Obstruct your windows

Obstructing your windows makes it harder to criminals to peek in and eye up your valuables. It also makes it harder for burglars to climb in undetected. Voile and net are great option as they let the light in but maintain your privacy – like these curtains here. Another option could be to use frosted glass, although this will distort your view from the inside.

Secure your door

front door

Your front door should be strong and sturdy (as well as painted a colour your love and flanked with foliage to give it gorgeous kurb appeal). Check the hinges as these can often be an easy weakness if broken. On top of using a sturdy material, you can add locks and alarms. You could even consider installing a door entry system – there are lots of different models to view here. There are even smart locks on the market that can only be opened by using your smartphone’s fingerprint or facial recognition feature so you can move towards a more automated home.

Remove that high hedge

A high hedge in front of your home could be helping you to maintain privacy, but it could also make it easy for a burglar to break into your property without being spotted by a neighbour (and weaken the human connection with the people around you). Try to trim down any obstructions that could be hidden behind such as a tall wall or a hedge – allowing people to see the front of your home could actually make your home more secure.

Install outdoor lighting

At night it’s often easier for burglars to break in without getting seen. Installing lighting outside your property makes it harder for a thief to go undetected and may help to ward off any attempts. You’re best opting for exterior lighting that detects movement – this lighting will only turn on when it detects someone around which will save you money on your energy bills.

Be careful what you put on social media

Be mindful about what you advertise online. Burglars often target homes when no-one is in so be careful of shouting about your holiday – you could be better off posting about it once your back home. Also be careful of posting photos of your home as this will allow burglars to further analyse entry points. Controlling your security settings could help to limit your posts so that they can only be seen by close friends you trust.

Thanks so much for reading!

A Tidy Mind xx

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