How to organise your creative space

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Many people have space in their homes that has no specific purpose or is simply used to house clutter. If you have a room or corner in your home that’s unused, you might want to consider putting it to good use as a creative space. This could be an excellent space for hobbies such as crafting, writing, or painting. But, if you’re currently using it to house unwanted items or clutter, you might want to think about tidying it up first.

Tackling clutter can feel overwhelming but with a bit of planning, reorganising your space can be simple. Ensure you set some time aside to dedicate to clearing out your chosen area so that you won’t get disturbed or distracted by other commitments such as work or family life.

Remove all items

It’s easier to start with an empty space, so take everything out and place it in a different area if possible. Alternatively, work on one section of the room at a time. Only put back the items you’re sure you’ll need. This requires being ruthless so make sure you ask yourself if an item is really needed or whether you’re only hanging onto it ‘just in case’.

You might be able to sell some of your unwanted belongings or donate them to a local charity. To avoid waste, try and recycle the things that you no longer want or need.

Group new items together

Once you’ve got rid of your unwanted old items, it’s time to organise your new ones. Depending on your craft and the space you’re working in, you might want to group items in an order that works for you. For example, if you paint, then you might decide to put all the paints and paintbrushes together by colour and use. Ensure your workspace is set up so everything is within easy reach, and you can get the most out of it.


To help keep your space tidy and organised, you might want to add some carefully considered craft storage which could include bags, trays and containers. Labelling your storage will help you locate items easily and quickly. It’s also more likely to encourage you to pick up your pens or paintbrushes.

Get creative and utilise wall space in smaller rooms by hanging up your storage bags, while larger spaces lend themselves to bigger storage items such as boxes or drawers.

Finally, make sure to keep your space free from clutter to enable your creativity to flow. Refrain from using the space as storage for unrelated items and have a regular clear-out of things you no longer need.

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