How To Properly Maintain & Hydrate Yourself During A Workout

hydrated yourself during a workout

At A Tidy Mind we believe that looking after your home space or workspace is a form of self care. Some of our clients compare having a professional organiser to having a personal trainer and getting your home in order can go hand in hand with making better food choices and looking after your body. With that in mind, this post is dedicated to something fundamental to your health and exercise needs – hydration. This post is dedicated to best way to hydrate yourself during a workout.

When you exercise, there are lots of things to think about. From your clothing to your fitness tracker accessories, there are all sorts of things you need to make your workout effective. Staying hydrated is one of the most important. And it’s not always as simple as having a sip of water while you’re working out. To ensure that you get the right liquids while exercising, there are some things you need to think about first. So, whether you’re looking for hydration for runners or weightlifters, we’ve got all you need to know below.

What To Drink


Firstly, one of the best liquids you can drink while exercising is water. However, water can be a little boring and not having something tasty to drink can mean you don’t drink as much as you should. If you want something with a little more flavour, it’s important that you go for something low calorie and low sugar, as you don’t want to be negating your hard work. Coconut water is said to be extremely hydrating as well as delicious, so you could opt for this fruity drink instead. You could even add a few slices of fruit into your drink as well to give it a natural sweetness.


Alternatively, if you go for a ready-made drink, try to go for something that has a lot of electrolytes in. These normally contain sodium and potassium which allow your body to hydrate itself better. So, if you find that no matter how much water you drink it’s just not hitting the spot, then try going for something with added electrolytes. You should notice the difference right away!

Hydrating During Your Workout

You may find that you get extremely thirsty during your workouts. Or you may find that you don’t feel thirsty at all. Either way, you need to ensure that you’re getting enough hydration throughout. However, you don’t want to be gulping down loads of water while working out, as it may cause you some issues. For example, if you down 500ml of water and then lean over to do some squats, the water may not have reached your digestive system yet and it could come back up. Instead, take smaller sips of your drink during your workout on a regular basis. This way you’ll stop yourself from bringing it back up when things get tough.

Maintaining Hydration During Your Workout

Making sure that you stay hydrated during your workout is important, so you want to always have your drink to hand. Invest in a large reusable bottle that you can take with you and refill if you need to. Most gyms will have free water stations, so you’ll never have to go without hydration. It’s also important that you take little sips during your workout when you need it. You’ll find that the more you make a habit of drinking during your workout, the thirstier you’ll feel the next time. This means that your body and mind are now connected, allowing you to ensure that you hydrate when you need to.

Keeping hydrated during your workout will ensure that you’re able to perform as best as you can and maintain your condition too. You don’t want to drink too much so that you get a stitch or possible bring the water back up, but you need to make sure that you drink enough. So, always bring a nutritious drink with you, and make sure you take regular sips. You’ll soon find it easy to remain hydrated no matter how tough your workout gets.

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