How to Set Your Bedroom Up for Office Work

set your bedroom up

More people are working from home in 2023 but not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated office space, which can lead to them taking over the dining table or putting a temporary setup in the local library. However, these short-term solutions don’t provide a suitable place to concentrate, which is why we recommend turning your bedroom into an office. This doesn’t mean lounging in bed while you’re at work, it means using smart tactics and intelligent interior design to create a multifunctional space, and here’s how.

Making Your Bed Every Morning

As soon as you get up in the morning, be sure to make your bed. Doing this will help get your day off to the right start, as everything will feel more productive. As well as this, having your bed made will reduce the urge to climb into it while you’re working.

Decluttering Your Workspace

Making your bed only takes you part of the way there; it’s important to also declutter your room. There has been plenty of research into the connection between clutter and high levels of anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed, which leads to a chaotic headspace. According to experts, this is because:

  1. It makes it hard to relax.
  2. It overstimulates the brain.
  3. It’s distracting.
  4. It can fill you with guilt.
  5. It reduces productivity.

Reduce Distractions

Your bedroom will be full of distractions that you won’t find in the office, and that’s without including your bed. When you work remotely, there’s no one there to tell you to get back to work, so you could easily get distracted by your mobile phone or TV. Therefore, you will need to establish boundaries and stick to a routine – consider putting your phone on silent and hiding your remotes.

Is Your Door High-Quality?

Dealing with distractions inside your room is great, but you need to consider potential interruptions from outside. For example, if you live in a busy household, are your internal doors good enough to keep out the sound? If you just answered no, explore these interior doors and decide whether an upgrade is necessary.

Give Thought to the Layout

You will need to give careful consideration to your bedroom-office layout, as you’ll likely need to fit a desk, office chair, and storage in. The best way to plan the space is by drawing a sketch and placing the required furniture in different places. On your sketch, you need to include any measurements and be mindful of any doors and the space they need to open.

Invest In a Storage Bed

Combining your bedroom with your office will leave you with limited storage space, so you’ll need to explore smart storage solutions. For example, you can invest in a bed with storage underneath that you can pack with boxes to store all of your paperwork.

If you don’t have the space to turn a spare room into an office, working in your bedroom is a great alternative. The strategies outlined above will help you to keep relaxation and concentration separate.

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