How to Style a Smaller Home

style a smaller home

Wanting a beautiful home is a dream for most, as the space is a reflection of your personality and where you spend most of your time. It’s no wonder then, that many people find it frustrating to style small rooms without feeling like they are cluttering the space and making it look messy and unordered. The following are some great tips to style a smaller home and make your home look gorgeous without compromising on space.

Make Use of the Wall Space

Everyone is so caught up with furniture, that many end up with an unbalanced furnishing of their home, with cluttered floor space and oddly bare walls. Putting up photographs in frames can give your space a sense of homeliness and definitely inject your identity into the property. However, while these are heart-warming, you can get much more creative! Hanging wall plants are a favourite to add texture and vibrancy to homes, and they are very much out of the way. Walls often receive a lot of light in rooms, as they don’t get blocked by objects like plant pots on tables do, so they are perfect for small plants to thrive.

Make Statements

Using colourful prints and bold patterns is the best way to make a boring space more interesting. Versace Home is one of the best brands on the market to have a range of gorgeous home wear items which are high quality for use and visually appealing. The bold products from Versace, such as duvets, bath mats and towels, are everyday items which add a feel of luxury to your daily living.

Organise Your Papers

The best way to give yourself opportunity for styling is to make sure your rooms aren’t messy. One of the easiest places for an untidy look are desks and tables which are covered in letters or work. Organising your items in a way which makes them accessible but out of the way leaves more room for visually appealing aspects of your home, and creates a brighter, airier feel to the space.

Make Use of Light

The easiest way for a home to appear drab and boring is when it doesn’t receive enough natural sunlight. Avoid heavy curtains in communal rooms, as you can obtain privacy without compromising light by less thick curtain materials. Windows should never be blocked by objects on windowsills, and they should be kept as clean as possible to make sure as much light enters as possible (you would be surprised how much light dirty windows block!)

Keep Your Wardrobe Neat

Clothes are the biggest culprit for a cluttered home: coats on the sofa, shoes in the hallway, jumpers strewn across rooms. Setting organised spaces for these items prevents a build-up of mess and keeps your home spacious and tidy.

These ideas should help you make the most of your space and style a smaller home, rather than have you tripping over your interior décor. Designing your space can give you a sense of autonomy, control and joy which should be explored, so we hope this article has provided some inspiration to attain these goals!

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