How to tackle those ‘’JUNK’’ Drawers

junk drawer

Author – Craig Hoareau (A Tidy Mind London)

Be honest… you have any ‘junk’ drawers in your home? Every home has drawers, whether it’s in your bedroom, Bathroom, kitchen, study, garage or living room. However! these drawers, wherever they are located, should house specific categories rather than be used as the ‘’Junk Drawer’’ as most people call them.

To organise and make the most of the drawers in your home, take into consideration its location and decide on the best function for it (For example it doesn’t make sense to keep extra guest cutlery in your bedroom drawers, they should be located in the dining room or kitchen). Once you have decided on what goes where, stick to it and don’t allow anything else to be stored there.

Empty it

It can sometimes be hard to decide on what goes where, especially if you have many drawers in your home with different categories of stuff. The best method is to empty all drawers, going room by room (don’t try to do all rooms at once unless you’re brave) and lay all the contents on the floor. It’s a great way to start as you will have to deal with it there and then which will motivate you to complete the task.


Now go through everything in front of you and start categorising, creating different piles. Throw away rubbish as you go along which will start creating more space. As you categorise you will see that many things can be grouped together as they may share a similar function. Items that belong in a different room should be in a separate pile and sorted later on when you move to that room.


Once you’re done categorising, try and allocate the appropriate drawers to them. Think about the frequency of use and allocate accordingly, e.g top drawer for most used and bottom drawer for least used. If you have large drawers, you can use drawer dividers or containers to separate smaller items.

Stick to it

Once you’ve organised drawers, break the habit of chucking anything in it and closing it. Be mindful of the effort you have put in to organise it and put things away correctly to avoid having to start over again.

So what are you waiting for!? Sort out one of those annoying drawers today – it’s a great little mood boost.

Thank you to the author of this post, Craig Hoareau, who has no junk drawers and is the owner of A Tidy Mind – London.


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